Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holy Schmoly Rock and Rolly!

So those of you that are followers to my blog, now know I have this quirky side in which I make up words, sayings and change things around to fit my needs! But this heading is powerful because we are not only heading straight into fall (reminder to self to send Brenda pics of the changing leaves), but I completed my first quilt dash and discovered so many terrific shops and people and I will be sharing them here on my blog.

I got my own first ever award from sweet Sarah over at Sarah's Corner. I have the Blogging Friends Forever award and there are a few rules to it.

1. Only five people allowed.

2. Four of them have to be dedicated followers of your blog and one has to be new and live in another part of the world.

3. You have to link back to who gave you the award.

So, I can do most of it, but I don't really know anyone in another part of the world, but someone across the United States.

1. Sherry of
What can one say about Sherry? Amazing, mom of 8, grandmother, grandmother to be, talented, witty, Etsy store owner and wonderful!

2. Melinda at
Melinda is a single parent (grandparent) raising her grandchildren and fighting the court system. How she finds time to not only quilt, but make tags, be in a ton of fun swaps and design some of the most amazing things is beyond me, check her out!

3. Cathy who coincidentally is Sherry's sister at:
Cathy is this truly amazing woman who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has taken her life back to get better! Cathy has been my inspiration and when I least expect it, she pops in and gives me encouragement.

3. Lisa at:
Lisa is pure inspiration, beautiful inside and out and has a fantastic love for God and her family and all of her bible study blogging orphans. She will inspire you out of pure joy.

4. Sue at :
Sue also has an amazing heart for the Lord but what I love about this wonderful lady is she is trying to encourage the rest of the worlds women to meet and have a praise and coffee hour, even if you don't do the praise part, she wants us to get out and have fun!

5. Lastly, as far out into another part of the world that I can imagine is Marguerita at:
who lives way up in Seward, Alaska and when you live that close to another country, in my opinion that counts as another part of the world!

Check out each one of these ladies and tell them Ranny Jean told you to stop by. You won't be disappointed!

Then check out the sidebar of this blog because last night I began and completed my first ever quilt dash and ran into some simply amazing quilting shops. Grace Full Creations, Son Rise, Pumpkin Patch, just check out their locations and tell them I sent you by.


Praise and Coffee said...

You are so absolutely bloggyful (I'm trying to be creative with words like you!) and wonderful!

This is so sweet and a very cool looking award.
Thank you, I'm honored.
Your work amazes me- you are so talented!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I found it! So sorry I am such

Again, thank you so much Jean. I am honored you would think of me and take the time to encourage me this way.

Blessings on you! :)

Quiltingranny said...

Bloggyful, what a cool new word, great job Sue!

Unknown said...

thanks for the award! I am going to try to get it posted tomorrow....the appointment went far, so good...your blog looks great too and I told Daniel about yours and Shy's egg experiment and he wants to try it...gotta buy some vinegar tomorrow.....Melinda

Sherry said...

Thanks Jean!! I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here, I've been trying to finish stuff up and not spend so much time on the computer. I've realized I can't do both. Your so sweet to give me this award!!


Quiltingranny said...

Same here, I have to decide where and what needs my time and prioritize!