Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Job, Up For Sale

Well, I went to take a job test yesterday, one of those that you are invited to take after your application has been processed. There were over 50 of us! I drove 60 miles one way and while I did the testing, I felt very discouraged.
I am listing these 2 items for sale here and on Etsy. So if anyone is interested in a Scarecrow quilt or turkey apron for the upcoming holidays, or perhaps a Wizard of Oz lover, please contact me.

I have contacted my bank and let them know I no longer have a job and all my creditors, but you know what, when you are unemployed and your credit scores have hit the skids, you are on your own. But I am NOT one to give up, so I am asking $45 for the quilt and $10 for the apron (the apron money goes to my granddaughter). You will also pay shipping charges.

Tomorrow, I go stand out at WalMart on the corner that homeless beggars do and hold up a sign that states: Out of Work, I don't want your money, I want a job! Honest, hardworking, professional that can type 50 WPM, has great customer service and organizational skills, medical front office skills and police dispatching. Also have a lousy credit score! Help Me Please.

It is about as humbling as it comes don't you think? My husband is paying all he can, I pay what I can with a paltry retirement check of $460 a month and buy the kids clothes, etc. with their money. It isn't enough.

We moved to Washington state with high hopes and dreams and day by day, those dreams are slipping away.

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