Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Note From Children

In 2005 when I began this journey of sharing quilts with our 'unseen heroes,' of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina I didn't reach out to get a pat on the back or a thank you and yet, I received a few thanks that warmed my heart.

One was of a momma and her baby girl with their quilts. I had made 2 different quilt patterns but used the same fabrics since mom and baby were separated while mom lived aboard a FEMA ship so she could work and baby lived in Texas with grandma.

Then, the second one came of an amazing lady named Gloria who had lost everything while she remained at work helping others and I mean literally, her house moved away from where it was sitting.

Gloria's picture showed her in bed with the quilt I had made her and it just warmed my heart.

Here were two people in the most devastating of times and they took time out of their chaotic and turned upside down lives to say, 'thank you, you made a difference.'

Sometimes I get a note saying thank you right away, sometimes I get a thank you in the mail months and even a year or more later and when you lose everything you ever owned in the blink of an eye, it is shocking to me I receive anything at all.

So when I received a letter in the mail yesterday, I cried and I smiled and I felt my heart just filled with warmth as this is the very first time I have ever received a letter from an obviously very young child whose dad is a policeman.

The letter thanked me for the quilt, told me it is being used everyday and that their father is a policeman. I wrote them back letting them know how special that letter is to me and telling them when the time comes that I get my studio built, this letter will hold a special place framed and on the wall.

I always say that we don't expect payment from those that receive our quilts, but I would say this child repaid the kindness in a way that will forever touch my soul and simply put once again...

These children, families and individuals are the reason why I do what I do and why at times I beg for you to help with quilts, with funding, fabric, thread, etc..

Hopefully this coming spring/summer I can meet these two little ones face to face and give them a huge hug!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Spring Numbers 166

I just received a numbers check for the eastern Washington quilts for the fire fighters that fought the Carlton Complex Fires this summer in our state and that number is 166.

Our snow has just started falling and I will not be making the trip back over our passes until spring probably around end of March or early to mid-April and I am hoping this gives all my quilting friends who are 'snowed in,' so to speak time to get a few quilts made and sent out to us for delivery.

Here is the email for the request:
There are 29 fire depts in the county and you could do 20 as an average. I DO know that Omak has 32. Okanogan 28, Malott 25 and FD 9 has 23.  

Please remember we do not need infant sized quilts just large adult unisex quilts!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Husbands Love For His Wife (The Quilter)

My husband truly never fails to amaze me and it doesn't matter whether he has made a special trip to purchase me a bottle of Skinny Girl grapefruit water because I no longer drink soda, or an on the spur of a moment 'lets run away to Dairy Queen,' while the kids are all watching a movie in their room and YES we did this the other night and they never knew we left!

Yesterday was the schools yearly Thanksgiving dinner and bazaar where our jazz band students go to Olympia and participate in an adjudication concert along with other jazz bands then they come back to our school and play music while everyone else enjoys the feast.

Normally, hubby just leaves when he is done, but we had a friend come over to see the kids play, so we walked around the bazaar ( I had just gone through and walked right past these) when hubby said, 'I think you need some of these for your quilting studio when we get it built.' Me, dumbfounded...'Uh, okay, why, what are they?'

I seriously did not see the large pair of scissors sitting in each one. They are scissor holders and they come with a pair of scissors.  Hubby wanted me to get the teddy bear, but I love witches...well, I prefer those that wear white with ice and snow all around, but these 2 will do nicely.

So, I was thinking, Christmas is coming up and what a great idea for a giveaway. So I will call this couple back and see about getting a set to giveaway.  Stay tuned!

Handmade, hand painted scissor holders by a disabled US veteran and his wife!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Can Anyone in Florida Help This Woman

If anyone lives in Florida and perhaps close to this woman would you be able to perhaps make a hat or shawl for this woman?  I do not knit or crochet and cannot use the quilts ear marked for this ministry for other requests.

I do not want to sound mean, but this is the way it goes, all quilts that come in are inventoried and go out the same way.  If someone perhaps has a few knit hats where they could bless her, it would be great.

If you live in the area and can deliver them in person that would even be better! This came to me from the daughter of this woman.

My Mom, Betty Hauber, was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Bone Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast and cancer all throughout her body.
Mom has crocheted for many organizations over the years and has donated chemo hats, prayer shawls, quilts, afghans, and lap quilts/blankets to so many people and organizations.
I do not sew, crochet or knit. Mom has tried to teach me several times but to no avail.
I am asking, well, basically pleading, for your help. Mom is in need of Chemo Hats, Prayer Shawls, Lap Blankets, Quilts or Afghans to help her stay warm.
For a Chemo Hat, Mom would wear a small adult. Any color would be nice. Her favorite color is Teal and she is a HUGE University of Louisville Cardinal Fan. Their colors are Red, Black and White.
Anything that you chose to send will be so welcomed.
Your help is so greatly appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My Mom's name and address is:
Betty Hauber
9171 S.E. 171st Drayton Place
The Villages, Florida 32162
Thank you so so much!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Night Of Fun

Saturday our house was all a buzz with activities as we prepared for the kids first concert, Winter Jam 2014 which featured great Christian artists such as Jeremy Camp, Newsong, Colton Dixon and Disciple to name a few.

As you can see, it was a huge venue. We were blessed to be a part of Young Life and ride on the bus which got us very close to the stadium but not close enough that I didn't trip going up a hill. I am happy to say, I am fine and while some of the students just walked past me, several stopped to help me up and finished the walk with me!

The oldest brought a friend and they watched three artists and then spent the rest of the evening walking around the Tacoma Dome and checking out the vendors...I was sad because I think they would have really liked it had her friend not started to complain because it was Christian.

Our grandson loved it. We all sat in the same general area, however he had a friend and they had a great time. Every I looked back to check on him, he was up and dancing and shouting!

Of course, our youngest sat next to me and she had a little baby behind her who was so cute, he kept hugging her and then laying his head on hers, he was a little cutie. With her right now it is difficult to say if she enjoyed it or not, but she didn't complain so I am hoping she did.  I saw her singing to a few of the songs, so hope she had a good time.

Diva Girl, sat next to me and just really had a great time. Next year I think she would enjoy it a bit better if she went with our church group. The Young Life group while behaved, was just not anyone she really hangs with.

We came home and I took them to McDonalds for a bite to eat.

I am hoping 2015 will bring us more opportunities like this and praying Brandon Heath will come back out this way!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quilters Do Make A Difference..

I received a request last week to send a quilt to an amazing dispatcher who really soothes souls over the radio and has worked some pretty difficult calls.  

Her quilt arrived and she posted this message:

'I received a quilt today along with a hand written message. I am humbled & in tears. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you & thank you to whom ever told you that I'm an angel & unsung hero!!!

Sometimes a girl reveals her sources, but in this instance it is top secret, I am just so happy we blessed her and made her day! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

18 Hours, Over 600 Miles, Quilt Delivery Day to Okanogan, Pateros, Brewster, Twisp & Winthrop

Yesterday morning at 0600 I pulled up in front of a 911 Dispatchers home that I had never met and for the next 641 miles and 18 hours, we traveled to the eastern part of Washington and talked and laughed, shared two meals and met some pretty incredible people.

The following pictures are part of our journey, taken to deliver the many quilts I have received for 911 dispatchers, fire fighters and police officers and deputies that worked so very hard during the eastern WA wildfires.

I cannot describe what I saw yesterday, the emotions I felt at seeing my beautiful home state so black and burned and in the midst of the charring, green and lush new growth and growth that wasn't changed at all.  How can I describe seeing trees that one part was charred and the other part was lush and green?

My heart goes out to all of you who have blessed this ministry with quilts so we could pass them along to those very small community officers, dispatchers and fire fighters that were there. Thank you all your continued support is a blessing that matters to those who receive!


Winthrop Marshal and Trish a very active 911 Operator who lives close to me! My life saving driver!

She was touched by the tag on the back of this one and chose it for her own!
Leavenworth, WA...so cold and yet so pretty!

Getting out for a short walk helps me keep moving!
Quilts Delivered to Brewster, PD these 2 officers said they lost much in the fires!