Monday, July 28, 2014

Do You Coupon? Can You Help Me?

Our family grew two weeks ago. My ex-daughter in law called me and said she needed to get our youngest granddaughter to us immediately and we were blessed to have friends reach out to us and donated money and gift certificates to get her on a short notice flight to Seattle.

We knew her belongings would be sparse and they were...the clothes she had on her back and a small grocery sack of dirty smelly laundry and shoes she said she found in a dumpster that were 3 sizes to big for her!

We took her shopping for new shoes, socks, underwear, a few shorts and tops, personal items and she still needs more, but for now she has enough until school.

So many of you are raising families with 3, 4 or more children and my hat goes off to all of you. But let me explain to you that my husband and I have always worked hard and we raised our family. We raised four sons.

In 2004, we received guardianship of 3 of 4 grandchildren and in 2008 we were given sole legal custody of those 3. We are thankful we had the money to fight the legal hurdles the other grandparent threw in our way and we were sad that instead of reaching out to help us, she felt taking us to court was the better thing to do.

We do our best and sometimes we fall short, but only my husband is working now. I can no longer work due to loss of my hearing, back surgeries and other disabilities.

I can take a roast and stretch it into 3 days of meals, I shop our local produce stands and this year I planted (maybe to late) peas, yellow squash, tomatoes, peppers and watermelon.  Washington weather is unpredictable so we will see how the garden goes.

I see all the time, people who coupon and I would like to know how to do this. I clip coupons, but saying .40 cents off of something won't get me the amazing deals I see where people have overstock to donate to charity.

We DO NOT in Washington have stores that double or triple coupons so I can't do that. But there has to be a site to turn to or someone who can help me understand how to do this and save some money.

We have 3 granddaughters all with long hair and let me tell you they can go through a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in record time.

Anyone out there want to help give me some pointers, I would appreciate it.

I do use Safeway Coupons and Just 4 You, but many times I notice they have already added the weekly coupon to my pile though I haven't cut it out. Can I use a paper coupon to add to that as well?

We have Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, IGA, Walgreens, WalMart and I do know my bargains at Costco. We also have a Winco and a Shopko which I get $10 off frequently my purchases of $50 or more.

Please help!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Please Help Us Get Quilts To These Families and First Responders

Please help us reach these families of the wildfires in Washington state, there have been over 300 homes burned, many fires are burning, please help us with quilts of comfort! 

You can send them to me:
Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The First I Hope of Many

Eight quilts came in yesterday from a local Washington resident who made each and every one of them.  Thank you so much Jane O. for your amazing contribution.

 These will head over to the central and eastern part of Washington when we gather enough to take to Okanogan County, Twisp-Winthorp, Pateros and Brewster, Washington.

Please when you send quilts, remember most of these will go to adults and we really need adult sized quilts.

Blessings and many thanks to Jane!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Step-Families, Mixed Families, Can You Help?

Many of you know we have been raising our 3 grandchildren since 2004 and have sole legal custody. You also know we have prayed for their youngest sibling that someday she would be able to come and join them.

Two weeks ago her mom put her on a plane with nothing more than the clothes on her back, a few books, some crayons, and a bag of dirty clothes, shoes that were to big for her.

My husband and I took her and bought her a few pairs of shorts, tops, shoes, socks, underwear, personal items all things she needed. We came home took everyone to a nice dinner, took them to the water park the next day, all was great, everyone was happy.

However, the honeymoon has worn off and the kids that have lived with us for so long are becoming resentful towards her and I don't want to see this happen. 

I will admit she embellishes many things like telling us last week she and a friend went to Madagascar, it took my husband several times to get her to finally say she was only pretending.

Last night I looked for her IPOD she said it was on her bed, I knew she had it, when she finally said, 'oh look, here it is I forgot I had it,' in 30 seconds time? I told her she needs to stop telling stories, it isn't nice.

She will want something and ask me and then when I say no, say, my brother or sister asked me to ask but when I question them it is obvious she has made this up.

Because of this and an incident last night where Diva girl had made them all a blanket fort and then came out to watch a show with me, her sister told her brother, if she isn't back in 5 seconds, I am tearing this down & she did and boy was the fight on.

How do I handle this? I am trying to make them accept her and welcome her, but she isn't making it easy on them and is telling stories that are not so.

Yesterday she told my grandson, Papa said I get to ride your mini bike all day. Papa over heard it and said, I did not say that and I told you I would let you ride it Saturday, it is not your bike, it is his and I am not taking it away from him.

The issue is we really have no idea what she has lived in, I do know she has gone from her moms to her grandma's to motels, to who knows what. She tells of abuse living with her aunt and grandmother.

It is hard for her I get that, she has no friends here, we do not know what is going to happen next, mom told her she was moving to Seattle, so that would mean another move, we have no legal paperwork on her at all for medical or school.

I just need to know how can I get her to fit into the family, we love her and I know the kids love her, but they are quickly becoming very frustrated with her and the things she says and does.

Please help! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Washington Wildfire Updates

This information came to me from someone that lives in the area and is doing my work for me in getting information. Please understand we have a dire need for new quilts for the Washington Wildfire Familes but no baby quilts right now.

'OK, I visited the fire station in Leavenworth today, Chelan County Fire District 3, and here is the information they gave me. Chelan County District 3, 4, and 9 are involved in the Chiwaukum Creek/Leavenworth area fire fighting, in addition to numerous others from Kennewick, Vashon Island, Seattle, Monroe, the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resourses and State Mobilization. Also there are 110 National Guardsmen here, with an additional 220 Guardsmen currently in training to be dispatched here. Personally, I have also seen crews from Oregon and Montana. It appears there are too many to mention. The staff I spoke with in Leavenworth said that Pateros is in dire need of generosity and donations of all kinds. They (Pateros) have two law enforcement officers that lost their homes in the fire.'

The address to mail them to is:
Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579 

Monday, July 21, 2014

All You Need To Do To Help Reach The Wildfire Families is Blog and Write

If you can't quilt, can't knit or crochet, I know you blog and can write and I am asking you to please, please help me get the word out that I am collecting quilts for the Washington Wildfire families and first responders.  

It is so easy, just head over to Layers of Hope blog and grab our button and pass it around so others can see what we are doing. Tweet about it, Facebook about it, send out Emails, call your local quilt guilds or just blog about it and help me get the word out.

Alone, we are one, together we are many!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Washington Wild Fires

I am once again asking for quilts for victims of a disaster that is close to home.  Please consider sending a quilt for this disaster and when I get the all clear, I will begin to deliver them.

Check out my Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 Blog at or click on the link on the right side of this blog!

The Winthrop Police Chief asked us to share this warning. They have no power, limited phone service and gasoline. They are in a state of emergency. Lake Pearrygin State Park is already evacuated. This warning applies to surrounding areas: Pateros, Brewster and Malott also evacuated. Do not visit. Evacuate if you can. ‪#‎WAwildfire‬