Saturday, October 25, 2014

Condelence Cards For California Law Enforcement

CONDOLENCE CARD ADDRESSES: (Please share this post) Two California Deputies were killed today. PLEASE pick up a card and send your condolences. SACRAMENTO S/O Dispatch 711 G Street -Sacramento, CA 95814. PLACER S/O Dispatch 2929 Richardson Drive - Auburn, CA 95604. News updates as they become available :…/deputy-shot-near-arden-way-i…/29320454

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Urgent Call for Midland Texas Quilts!

We have an urgent need to get quilts out to Midland, Texas to help comfort 911 operators, the Chief/Sheriff of Midland and the officers on scene of the following:

'October 9, 2014 was a very dark day for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office and her employees. At about 2:00pm deputies received information that a suspect wanted for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, DAN WILLIAM HIGGINS, 37 years of age with an address of 3800 N County Road 1247, was currently at his residence and was armed. Deputies enlisted the aid of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force with the United States Marshal Service, Western District of Texas Midland Office and the Warrant section of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office. Task Force members established surveillance on the residence where the suspect, HIGGINS, was located and verified that he was indeed home. Deputies went up to the residence, a metal building with living quarters inside with bay doors, a walk in door and a window, to make contact with the wanted suspect. The suspect would not come to the door and the deputies broke out a window to make visual and verbal contact. Higgins responded to the deputies and refused to come out. During the verbal exchange Sgt. Mike Naylor attempted to get the suspect to voluntarily surrender which the suspect refused. Suddenly a shot was fired by the suspect striking Sgt Mike Naylor in the head dropping him instantly. A supervisor on the scene put out a radio call stating “officer down”, “officer down”. Deputies returned fire pulling Sgt Naylor to safety and applied first aid to stop the bleeding. Sgt Naylor was placed in a patrol unit and taken down the street to a waiting ambulance then was transferred to the Emergency Room at Midland Memorial Hospital. Sgt. Mike Naylor never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at 4:19pm by Justice of the Peace Billy Johnson. Numerous law enforcement officers arrived on the scene from the FBI, DEA, U. S. Marshals, Midland Police Department, Texas Rangers, Texas Highway Patrol, DPS Intelligence, Odessa Police Department and several others, with the SWAT Unit from the Midland Police Department taking the lead in talking the suspect out. At about 5:30 pm DAN WILLIAM HIGGINS surrendered and was transported to the Midland County Jail by Midland County Deputies. On Saturday, 10-11-14 at 2:45 pm DAN WILLIAM HIGGINS was officially charged with Capital Murder, had his rights read to him (he requested a court appointed attorney) and had his bond set at 2.5 Million dollars. The case will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office by the Texas Rangers for Grand Jury action then trial in District Court.'

If you live in Texas and are part of a quilt guild or live close to a quilt shop, we need these quilts as soon as possible.  Please contact me for further information if you can donate one of these and they will go from you directly to Midland as opposed to coming through me first.

Lets bless this Texas department the only way quilters can with quilts of love!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Joseph is Returning to the Streets

Okay, so I am having a major anxiety attack right now, chest pain, hard to breathe, so please say some prayers for me. I just got a call from my son Joseph's uncle and spoke with Joseph. He is sober, however they released him this morning and while he can stay with his aunt and uncle while waiting for the bed in a rehab facility, he has told all of us, he is NOT going, all he wants is his dog back and to go back on the streets. I know he believes he can do this and remain safe and sober and attend meetings on his own, but I am having a very hard time with this right now. So please pray for Joseph and pray for me, because the strength everyone thinks I have has seemed this morning to turn into tears!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Latest Update on My Son Joseph

Update on my son Joseph from the detox center:

He is detoxing well, he is now able to stand up and walk without falling (he couldn't stand without passing out), he has been able to eat and drink a bit more today and will remain where he is for 3-5 more days. 

Here is where I need everyone to storm Heavens gate with prayers. When he is done, he can chose to go into a rehab facility and program, but at issue will be if there will be a bed available. If not, it could be a week - a month or longer and he will have to work his program. 

The problem is, he has no vehicle and no place to go that I am aware of. Pray that a bed will open when he is released and he can go into a program right away. I was told there are several in the area, so he can choose which one but once released he will be on his own again!

Update on Joseph's Detox

Thank you so much to all of you who have sent me warm thoughts and prayers for Joseph.

I got word last night that the first night was pretty rough and they had to take him to the emergency room due to seizures from the alcohol withdrawals.

They treated him with IV's and an anti-seizure medications and called his brother who went to sit with him.  The following morning they released him to his brother and he returned to the detox facility with his anti-seizure medication in case he needs it.

This is a HUGE step for Joseph as in the past he would have checked himself out of the ER and gone and found a bottle and drank the seizures away.

I know his return to the facility tells me this time he is serious about getting better and that all of you praying for him is truly helping him get through this.

Bless you all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pray For My Son

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This is my son Joseph who many of you know is mentally ill and an alcoholic and who has lived on the streets for many years in his small hometown in central California.

The pictures were taken in April when we went to California at a local restaurant and he was as sober as he could be because he knew we were coming.

Joseph has an amazing aunt and uncle who have been there for him and prayed over him, taken him food, clean clothes, prayed with him and never once judged him.

A few days ago his uncle took him to the doctor who said he could do nothing to help him, but his uncle didn't give up, working with mental health he kept looking and found a detox/rehab/mental health center that said if he wanted the help, they would take him when a bed opened.

Yesterday, a bed opened and his uncle went down to the streets and picked Joseph up and said lets go, the bed is waiting and they have someone who is taking care of his dog.

Please, pray this time he remains in a place that can take him through this horrible ordeal of dextoxing, DT's and alcohol related seizures. They told his uncle if it gets to bad, they will take him to the hospital for medical detox and bring him back.

The amazing thing is during this time when the alcohol clears his system he will get the mental health help he needs. 

Please lift him up in prayers!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Two Finishes, A New Eating Plan and a Garden Gleaning, A Great Week!

Carlton Complex Fire Quilt

These are the two quilts I completed this week. I was so happy after several months of not finishing things to finally be able to put some finishing touches on these and feel accomplished.

The top one being shown off by my two wonderful granddaughters is for a victim of the Carlton Complex Fire in eastern Washington and we will be leaving first week of November I hope to make a delivery.

The bottom one is for our granddaughter who moved in with us over the summer. She has been a champ sleeping on the floor on her sisters biscuit quilt and a sleeping bag. Tonight she got her very own Hot Pink flip bed and her own quilt.  She just stood shocked!

If we had known we were going to take her in, we would have purchased a 4 bedroom home when we purchased ours because as it stands, we cannot build onto this home.

My turkey/veggie burgers

Cucumbers in vinegar and pepper

I am obese. I am not going to hide it, I am at a very deadly weight and I have for the last 8 years made excuses as to why I can't get healthy but the bottom line was until I decided I was worth the money spent, worth the time to got to physical therapy, worth the money to have a massage when I hurt and worth the money for Shakeo I wasn't healthy.

I have been on this plan for just over a week now and I am eating 99.9% healthier (I had a tiny piece of cake tonight and a fat free no whip Pumpkin Spice Latte Friday). Aside from that our fridge is loaded with healthy veggies, fruits, snacks and none of them have sugar.

I was worried about the shakes, thought they would taste gross, thought I would starve, thought I would go through sugar and white flour withdrawals, but I haven't.  I feel a bit clearer of mind, am less grumpy, drinking more water and making healthy choices.

I am worth the money I spent for this program and I am so worth going to Physical Therapy as scheduled without making excuses for why I can't go. 

While I feel clearer mentally, I am still having physical pain but PT is working on this and my exercise level is minimal with the exception of several walks to the mail box each day.

Matter of fact as a quilter, I have to set a timer and get up or I get stuck and can't move. I want to walk a mile, 3 miles, 5 miles, I want to run,  I want to buy a bike and go hiking...but I also know I can't and I must listen to the words of wisdom by my Physical Therapist who tells me..'Don't let your ego get in the way of your healing.'
I would say that was a spanking because she says she knows I am wanting to do more than my body is capable of.

Carrots and Potatoes, Yummy stew this week!

Fresh Squash

Garden Fresh Peppers and Tomatoes
My Go To Drink 
I went to pick up a cake from an amazing lady my grandson actually won one from awhile back and now she is our only cake person...cake lady Penny.

Penny lives on an amazing farm and when we got there, her husband was outside near the barns and without ran the 4 grands to talk about cows and to play with their two beautiful dogs.

That gave us time to get the cake in the van without our granddaughter we took in over the summer seeing it. It said, 'Welcome to your new home, we love you!'

Once in the car we were talking my paltry garden versus hers and she invited the kids to come in and glean...the dug potatoes with their bare hands, they pulled fresh carrots and wiped off the dirt and ate them, they ate tomatoes like apples, Raspberries, picked peppers and a few squash.

We will have fresh Salsa this week and it will be healthy.

I will get healthy, I will lose the weight and while it won't be over night, that is okay because it didn't come on over night either!