Tuesday, June 26, 2018

We Are On A Crazy Journey

Our life has taken us on a truly twisting crazy journey over the past 3 years, some of it was plain unbearable at times, however, with the love of family and friends, we endured and are on the other side happy and trying to make sense of this crazy journey.

We are looking to transition from our wonderful 5th wheel to perhaps a newer fifth wheel, but placed on our own property where we do not have to worry our landlord will decide at the drop of a hat he wants to sell or not be a landlord any longer. This weighs heavily on me.

We now have a Harley trike which I love to sit on the back and ride, but I am NOT content to spend days traveling looking at the back of hubbies helmet, so I decided with his encouragement to take a trike class.

Let me tell you if you live in Washington state, the best place to take your three wheel class is at Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety in Silverdale (my choice) or Auburn (hubbies choice). Either way, the instructors know their stuff! I don't get anything from recommending them, but they really taught me a lot.

Now, about that Harley. All my riding gear is Harley gear, my shirts, etc., then I come home from the class and tell hubby I want a Can Am motorcycle. Why?

Reasons for a Can Am vs Harley Trike:
1- No clutch (I have a difficult time with knowing when to clutch vs knowing when to brake)
2- No front brake/back brake, just one brake!
3- No toe lift or depress for gears, it is done simply with the flick of a thumb.
4- No worries about how to corner because Can Am trike 2 wheels are up front and not in the back (okay being I drive a car and can't see my back tires, this is a lame excuse..lol)
5- Adjustable foot rests  so I am not stuck using the same placement someone with shorter or longer legs is using.
6-About $14K difference in new

Right now I am proud to say I passed the driving portion of my motorcycle test, however, I profoundly failed the written portion and have 90 days to pass it or take the class over again. 

So, wish me peace, joy and happy thoughts because this crazy lady is heading back up the trail on this crazy journey to re-take the written until I pass!

**BTW, I did go back and pass my written and at this writing I am waiting to find my dream ride**

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