Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Even The Short Rides Destress Life

Perhaps like me at times, you get tired of opening your computer to sad/bad news, watching television with bad news, all you see on Facebook is false news or stories about depressing issues and you need a break!

My health lately has not been something to write home about or actually write anywhere about, my right side is to the point of not wanting to work anymore, it began with my right arm and has now traveled to my back, hip and leg.

Many times, I cannot put my pants on without help, so no matter how wet or cold it gets, I opt for shorts or a skort because I don't have to fight my legs to get in jeans.  The same goes for my shoes..I usually wear slip on sandle's because I don't need help to get them on.

This started in October 2017, I have been through 3 sets of Steroid shots, 11 weeks of physical therapy, to see a neurosurgeon, an orthopaedic surgeon and now a physicist and everyone of them has differing opinions:
1-Neurosurgeon- You are fat and need to exercise more (uh, duh, I would if I could!)
2-Ortho-You have an inflammed Bursa, gave 2 steroid shots and if it doesn't work come back and see me within 2 weeks (uh, that would be great if your office didn't book me out past a month).
3-Physicist - Your right leg is longer than your left, you have an SI joint issue and pelvic torsion. We will resume PT with a pelvic specialist, but I can't give you a steroid shot in SI until you have had at least 6 weeks of PT** (see #2, wanna bet if I can get my ortho to do it??)

Not one of them have addressed the weakness I have in my right leg that causes me to fall forward getting up out of a chair or just list to the right and fall. NOT ONE!!

Now, here is the odd thing...NOT one of these has ordered an MRI of my right hip or leg. So, here I sit, going on 10 months and still no answers!

What do you do in a case like this?
You keep moving and praying for answers!

When life gets you down, you grab your leathers and get on the back of the Harley trike and go for a ride and last evening we did just that.

We rode to a local state park, drove through, walked to the lake and came home.

Oddly, getting on and off the Harley and riding does not bother me one whit! However, I think it is because I stand to get on and off, not sit and try to get in like I do my car. 

I also think it is because the ride is such a stress reliever~!

So, enjoy our journey!

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