Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Giving Up The Ship...or Washington

Okay, I am going to sit on the pity pot here for awhile because I am very depressed and confused & I am throwing up the white flag, I give up & I give in.

We left Arizona because of the crimes, the smog, the traffic, 2 seasons (hot & hotter) & to give our grandchildren a better life, a good place to just grow up happy go lucky & be a child. A place where they can play outside in the snow or the rain or the sunshine.

However, today I applied for a job in Arizona. I can't do this anymore. I am becoming very depressed & eating way to much & gaining weight which isn't good for me & I just decided that maybe I can get a job in Arizona & I will just go back and be happy!

Everyday my phone starts ringing off the hook at 0830 until 2100 & it is bill collectors. They never leave a name or number and many times when I pick up the phone it is dead space, but I know they are coming, I can hear them!

I can't reach the HR person at the prison, I left 3 messages and none have been returned so I am going to take the no contact as no job! This is just crazy! We put our entire life savings into this home, we have no retirement left, with no hope on the horizon.

I can substitute teach, but first they have to exhaust their call list of certified teachers, so who knows how much I will be working if any at all!

Home prices in Arizona are dropping, so maybe that is why the Lord put us here, to get me out of the valley until prices were easier to obtain, I don't know & the NOT knowing is what makes me feel totally helpless!

My husband tells me I shouldn't have called HR, a friend tells me to call them everyday & i say I called them 3 times, it is pretty obvious to me what the reply is, so I am throwing in the towel!

I won't be happy in Arizona, but my husband will and his happiness is very important to me. So, maybe I will get the job offer in Phoeinx & then, we will sell this house and pack up and go back to the blistering heat & I will pray for tolerance!

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Sue Cramer said...

I am sorry you are going through such tough times. I pray that the Lord brings hope to your heart and shows Himself powerfully in your life.