Monday, August 11, 2008

Kids and Kayak's

Yesterday was gray and overcast when we left town and headed out to Lake Quinault to go Kayaking (unfortunately for me, I could only watch from the shore, but I got good pics!). When we arrived at the lake it was misting and I prayed it wouldn't turn into rain. Prayers were answered!

The mist went away & though the sun never came out, the wind never picked up, the lake was calm and the kids
had a blast. As you can see, they were not afraid to get wet and swim around and they had a blast! The person in the background is one of our neighbors and she never left the water while they were splashing around.

This one is of another neighbor and my grandson in the kayaks & yes, the kids took to kayaking like ducks to water. They were not afraid to get in, they were not afraid to tip over (they had life jackets on) & the paddled and maneuvered the kayaks like they were born in them.

At the end of the day, the kids were cold, wet and exhausted. I dried them off, changed them into dry clothes and just as they were tying the kayaks dow
n on the cars, it began to mist again. The day couldn't have been better planned!

Our neighbor took all of us (party of 7) to dinner at the Salmon House and I had the Garden Vegetable Fettucini, amazingly delicious and hearty. Others had Salmon & raved about it. The kids ate burger and fries and then were treated to ice cream.

You know, when you are broke, the world is coming down around your shoulders, you can't pay your bills, you are hobbling around on a cane and in an air cast. When a neighbor comes and invites you out to a day like this one. You realize there are Angels that walk on this earth!

I just happen to be blessed by having 2 angels live in my area!

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