Monday, September 29, 2008

Puppies first night & oh, my aching back!

So, we put the puppy out last night and let her run and to her business and then we placed her in her crate with an old towel and old tee-shirt & covered the crate with a sheet. Abound 0100 I get a wake up call that the puppy is crying and needs to go potty. I let her out and to my surprise she went. However, she wasn't to thrilled to be back in the crate, so I laid at the end of the girls bed & each time she whined, I would tap the cage & state NO.

She must have gone to sleep because the next thing I know it is almost 0400 & hubby comes in to get her to take her out since he is up for the day. She is really good, but after 0400 she did not want to go back to sleep & me with an aching back and pounding headache from my sinus/asthma am in major pain this morning.

She ate her food this morning and went right outside and left it outside, so I am so far happy with that! We will see how she does this morning because I am running into Ocean City and taking the puppy with me.

She is just such a cutie!


Cathy said...

Hang in there. Life will get easier and all your hard work with the puppy will pay off. Cathy

Rainma said...

Thanks Cathy for your inspiration. She was a trooper for the over 20 mile ride to Ocean City this morning and I stopped at the beach and let her wet. She is keeping me company this morning while I sew!