Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Wall Banner for Fall

Today, I finished another wall banner for fall. This is very similar to my sons with the exception of the back fabric, center strip and the piece of driftwood I found to use as a hangar. I also changed the quilting a bit from his.

Having my sewing closet is great for these kinds of projects because I can leave them where I am working when I have to get up and prepare dinner, pick the kids up from school etc.

You can see the quilting, I did 3" squares and I really like how they make this one appear. I chose gold to match the falling leaves of our area as they are changing. As yo
u can see, the oldest one was holding it up for me and thought she would be cute and say Boo!
Then here is the close up of the acorns and the leaves at the top. I just love the fabrics I chose and I hope that you like looking at it. I got the idea from an old quilting magazine and just loved this pattern.

I want to hang it on our covered porch and will probably put a for sale sign on it around Halloween. I am thinking of getting a 'Quilts For Sale,' sign and putting it up where people can see it but not so that it is overwhelming to me.

Well, I am back off to the closet to finish up a quilt for someone in the hospital! Have a blessed week-end!

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