Friday, October 17, 2008

Bible Study, Lesson #12

WooHoo, special thanks to Lisa for fixing whatever broke for lesson 12, so as promised, I am being diligent here and backtracking. Todays lesson is on making our God known in all times, not just the good, but the bad as well.

First of all, I recognize for many of us during these trying times, we are all hurting in some way or another. I am not speaking about our physical pains, but our mental and heart breaking pain that can put many of us in a funk so deep we do really desperate things. I want to encourage any of you that may be feeling that way today, to please contact myself or someone you know and take action before your desperation causes yourself any more pain.

I have always amazed people because I never give up on God, good or bad times, I know I am exactly where He wants me at any given moment and no matter how much I dislike it and fight against it and argue and yell at God, I believe He is amused because nothing is going to change anything.

If every hair on my head is numbered and God knows my every move from the time I am conceived, how am I going to change things? I am not, so the best thing I have learned is to put a smile on, do my best to get through and keep praising God for what I do have. Trust me, we can always find someone much worse off than ourselves!

God has shown Himself to be there for me in many ways and I would like to share a few:
  1. Years ago, we were renting an apartment and just renewed our lease when the owner decided he didn't want to rent, but to sell the unit we were renting. We were flat broke, so I called friends and asked if they would take my sons (who were in high school) until such a time we were back on our feet, I checked over all our camping gear, contacted local parks and RV sites and then prayed that I was ready for God to use me. I prayed He protect us, but I was preparing to move into the river bed around Phoenix in spring...not safe to live due to snakes and humans, hot, but I wasn't giving up our beloved pet. One night I was reading the classifieds, which I never did and came across an ad for security in lieu of rent. I called, we met with owners & they liked us. We moved into a 4 bedroom home on a acre of land for $300 a month. It was only 1/4 mile from the river bottom. God is so good to us!
  2. The move to Aberdeen, though I am not sure why I am here, I know God has plans. Three years prior to our move He told me we were moving and then showed me in some pretty odd ways that He had plans for us to be here. He even told me our home would sell for $165,000. My husband got the job up here first, I of course had an accident and couldn't come up for awhile, but our home sold at exactly $165,000 the last lived in home that our realtor sold before the market tanked in Phoenix. Perhaps He has plans for my crafting business? I don't know!
  3. Once when my son was burning with a high fever and so sick, I laid hands and prayed over him asking for Gods healing because we had no insurance and about 15 minutes later the kid came bounding out of his room wanting to play, healed by Our Lord!
1- We discussed how we are God's fame and He is ours. Have you ever been in a situation where you are applauded for your ministry and had to fight back the idol of pride? No. Ever been tempted to believe your own press? Yes. When I was a police dispatcher/trainer, I was the best on the job & the only one that had worked a police involved shooting where so many officers were involved & not one was hurt. However, I was never recognized for it and that hurt me and one time my Lt. said, you were doing your job right? Everyone else was getting awarded and applauded. Then I remembered, it wasn't me who did the job, while it sounds odd, I remember when the shots fired words rang out that I saw hands carry me away. To this day, I believe Jesus picked up my soul and heart and left the shell behind that could do the job without letting her emotions take over. This saving wasn't me at all, it was the Lords! It's okay to admit it! Your testimony will help others in their resolve!

Did it ever occur to you in the 3-way drama of God, Job, and Satan that Satan was the only one outside the loop as far as Job's reactions would be? Not until you put it this way. Does this encourage you in resolving to make a fool of him when he attempts to use you to defame the Name? I do my best in this area but as a mortal, he can still make me have egg on my face, but when I get overwhelmed and I know the devil is doing his best to get me tripped up, I get my broom out, open all my doors and start quoting scripture and sweeping the devil out of my house, shouting at him that he is not allowed here because this home is protected by the blood of Jesus & yes, I have gotten strange looks from people that come up to the door! It is a visual thing for me that works!

3. Are you in a situation now where you feel you are being overcome? Yes and No!Better yet, are you in a situation where you should have been overcome but are not? I am a pretty open book so many know my families financial situation is not a good one right now. I am a substitute teacher that gets paid once a month at the end of following month that I worked. So, I worked in September but won't get paid until end of October, etc. I am worried, but not about myself or my grandchildren, I worry about my husband who is working 6 days a week for the most part so we can have the money we need to buy fire wood, food, etc. I hear him worrying about me when he tells me I need a full-time job with benefits, but they aren't out there. I worry because he smokes and I could loose him to a variety of things. The phone rings off the hook all day and into the evenings with bill collectors. I did answer the phones, but now I don't I have nothing to give them or tell them. I should be overwhelmed, but I am not, I know God knows what He is doing, I in turn must be patient! Yes, to those who want to know about my home, I lost a home to foreclosure (well it sold 1 hour before it went to the auction block, PTL!!) & we almost lost this one a few months ago. But I still believe God has a plan!

4-Have you failed in a Satan-designed trial? Many times. Can you recognize God intends for this failure to refine and resolve you for next time? Yes and each time I get better and better at realizing what is going on! God is not out for your destruction but your perfection!

5- Can you describe yourself as a Wonders Junkie? Not really. I get in a funk once in awhile, but a nap, walk or good nights sleep changes my perspective. Found yourself in spiritual highs and lows depending on whether you perceived God was doing wondrous things or not? God promised to allow my family to move to Washington, we climbed many hurdles to get here and I always knew good or bad God was working. I don't count the lows as lows but as learning opportunities!

Have you ever been like Philip and had God right in your face and not recognized Him? I really don't know, but I know many times I have recognized what is going on and how He is orchestrating things around me.

Journal a brief prayer asking God for His Glory. Let it be the thing we all desire above all else.....Father, so many times, You have shown me Your Glory and allowed me to us it to show others what an Awesome God You are. I just praise You for your awesomeness and ask that You continually show me Your glory and your wonders. In His Name Only, Amen!

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