Friday, October 31, 2008

I Hate Halloween...But I Love Cute Kids!

Here is our dear Ms. Diva Bride. She was afraid to move because she had 'real' make-up on and didn't want it to get messy.

As a child I wasn't really pro-Halloween and as an adult I have never liked it. Come on, cheap costumes, high prices and a dentist nightmare.

Not to mention, we spend a lifetime telling children to stay away from strangers and then let them go to strangers to get candy!

However, I love to see the little ones all dressed up and tonight I had a little boy do a skeleton dance for me as a treat. Now, that was worth sitting on the porch in the cold!

And this one, true to her Tom boy nature, wouldn't be caught in real make-up or a white gown, so she opted to be the Goth Bride of Dracula. Just try putting dark eyeliner on a little one who blinks constantly!

The smartest one in the group (according to PaPa) was Jonathan because he didn't require all that make-up and time that the girls did, he just hid his face behind a mask!

I had a few of my students come by and say the 'Oh, so this is where you live!'

You can tell by the picture behind the Blue Power Ranger we are still working on outside chores. Hubby put up a new porch pendent light yesterday, so the old one is still in the chair and the bell? That is for the front door in the hopes someone will ring it and we can hear it downstairs!

Hope your Halloween was fun, safe and no pukes!

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Sherry said...

The kids all look great!! I hope they had a good time!