Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Quilt for Patti

I have had a very frustrating week-end with my Fibromyalgia, it just wouldn't go away and both Saturday and Sunday started out with me barely being able to get out of bed and move around. As the days progressed, it got a bit better, but after much Aspirin and hot baths I felt good enough yesterday to walk up a hill to visit friends.

I say this because I ju
st could not get motivated for the last 2 weeks to get out of bed and get to church and I love church, I love my church, my grandchildren enjoy church, however when all you can do is shuffle around, it is difficult. Not to mention that I feel guilty to not going.

I did get to finish a few projects and today put the finishing touches on this quilt that I made for a special dispatcher named Patti who is still in the hospital after months of surgeries. I felt the pink would cheer her up among the drab colors hospitals are usually painted, so I wanted to make her something to help her smile!

Not only is it hot pink, but take a closer look and you will see it is a batik print of flip-flops and what lady doesn't like snappy little flip-flops?

This is one of my compassionate 'hug' quilts that I make for people in need. While it isn't big enough to cover a bed, it is the perfect size to hug yourself with while trying to stay warm in a hospital bed, or keeping your legs covered due to those not so modest hospital gowns.

Here is one of the corners in an up close vie
w. You can see I made the border with different flannel prints to keep the quilt in a cheery mood and in each corner I attached a flip-flop button of a different color. I really enjoyed making this quilt and praying over it for the person that is receiving it as well as their families.

Lastly, here is the back, a soft flannel print of blue and pink roses. With more of the border.

As always, I do not charge for these quilts, I make them so each person knows someone they have never met knows and cares about them so much!

So, Patti VonB, your quilt will be on its way on Friday. May God bless you and may you heal quickly!

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