Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandma Alice's Sewing Machine

Here she is everyone, finally up and running and I must say I am quite emotional right now and started to cry when I got it all hooked up. Why you want to know would I cry?

First of all I remember my grandmother sewing and oiling her machine religiously. When I was setting it up, the smell of sewing oil is very strong and my grandmother has been gone for three years now and spent awhile in a nursing home prior to going on to be with grandpa, so this machine has been stored for a long time. So, there is a bit of nostalgia there remembering my grandmother and her s
ewing machine.

Secondly and this is just a bit eerie, the bobbin in the machine matches exactly the color of thread I was putting on the machine. I am not using white, black or brown, but a bluish gray and seeing that same exact thread in the bobbin, I got chills.

It is like I am meant to have this machine and grandma is letting me know she is happy I am giving it a home and a place to work once again.

Fun, fun, fun!! This machine is made out of metal, so it is heavier than my Brother and cold to the touch in a nice way. But the motor that runs this little baby, purrs like a finely tuned '69 Chevy Camaro engine idling at a stop sign. It just is the coolest thing and it even has a special foot just for sewing a straight seam.
Here is a bit of a close up look at all the stitches it does and the stitch wheel. Everything just feels so durable because of the material it is made of and it is a Kenmore and I believe Kenmore made great quality in its prime.

I have all the attachments, extra bobbins, the book and what more can a quilter and granddaughter ask for than being able to sew and feel her grandmother so close with each stitch?


Fran said...

Oh what a lovely story - thank you for sharing.

It's made me wonder what ever happened to my mothers sewing machine? As a child I remember her always in a pile of fabric churning out something on her machine. And I know what you mean about the smell of sewing machine oil - it just has a smell all to it's self.

I have my Mother-in-laws machine and as much as I love the nostalgia of it - I really would love a new Brother SE 270D for Christmas (if hubby is listening).

Melinda Cornish said...

I am sooo happy for you that you finally have it!!! I bet she is happy too! melinda

Rainma said...

It is so much fun to use! I just love it!