Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Shack

Many of my regular blog followers have kept up with me recently and know that I believe from the very depths of my soul, that God has been working with me and with my body. I even left the disclaimer that I do not know why God has chosen to heal me from my Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, but He has!

It has been a journey the last several years in trust in the God Almighty and what I heard and felt I heard from Him and while many may think I am crazy and want to toss me directly into a looney bin, I am NOT!

If you would like the entire story of how my family wound up in Grays Harbor Washington, Email me and I will tell you, but I believe it was nothing short of God wanting us here for a specific purpose. From the first time I heard Aberdeen, Washington and that we were moving and trust me I had never heard of, been near to or knew this place existed & NO, I wasn't a Curt Kobain follower.

Everything I knew would happen, did! Exactly down to the price of what I was told my home would sell for, it is nothing short of Gods plan(s).

While I may be frustrated at times over finances, it doesn't matter in the big picture of HIS plans for my family. Sometimes we have to see life from another perspective and moving here did that for me, it reminded me of God's beauty in everything. From the long days of summer to the first gentle snow fall, I love this area!

Recently I wrote about my healing. Today marks a full week of being pain free. While I do have an occasional twinge of pain in my foot, it is fleeting and quickly melts away.

This week while teaching an Honors English class, I had a two classes and then a break of over an hour between classes. The teacher had a book on his shelf called, 'The Shack.' I picked it up not wanting to just sit for an hour and I asked to take it home.

This book will have you on an emotional roller coaster, from the horrible tragedy that happens to the healing at the end. It will make you angry, sad, happy and will have you laughing one minute and sobbing the next (if you are prone to a soft heart).

I haven't sat down and really read a good book in over three years. It just seems once I decided to quilt, I set aside the reading.

The book shows the Trinity in human form and brings them more to life and understanding than other books I have read. It takes a writers great imagination and stretches it. While I found it to be a fantastic book, I do not for any minute believe that the author intended for this book to take away from the Bible.

I believe when you are gifted as an author or artist of beautiful works and want to glorify God in these works, that the Lord leads people to write or paint what they do.

Many people have taken this book to literally and I believe the author wanted to bring the Trinity to an easier understanding for many who can't grasp the concept of one God but three entities.

If you haven't read this book, I would recommend it and if it doesn't touch your heart at some point, I will be surprised. If you like to read just to have a great book, this one is it.


Cathy said...

Congratulations on feeling better!!!! I am so happy for you. Keep going! Cathy

grandmarockton said...

WOW! glad to see someoneelse who liked the book (LOVED). Glad GOD has singled you out, BLESSings