Monday, November 10, 2008

Tea Anyone?

I was going through some of my 'stash,' and found this very old vintage piece of fabric with tea pots on it. At least I am assuming it is vintage and old because it has began to discolor a bit and had a very small mildew stain on it.

I just couldn't waste an almost perfect piece of darling fabric like this, so decided to make a small table/couch cover for our sweet neighbor who is so good to the kids. Part of me as usual wants to keep it because she has 2 large dogs that tend to eat things like new comforters, etc. But my family knows I was making it for her, so I have to let go of it.

This was my first try at points as the final binding, but I think it came out okay. I also used the extra fabric from my Acorny wall hanging I made for the patio a few we
eks ago and some green I found from another project.

Instead of machine quilting this piece, I decided to draw free-hand (now that is a scary thing) a tea cup which you can see the outline of with steam coming out of the cup.

I just think that was such a cool little idea and a great personal touch to this piece.

Just a tad bit of information about our sweet neighbor, she is a coffee barista at a local coffee stand and yes, they also serve tea, so when I saw this fabric you know why it jumped out at me to make her something special.

Here is the back side and you can see the cup and steam much better in this picture. I also made the points alternating colors and turned them so this piece can be used on either side without looking all cattywampus or flaky.

I am still behind on many of my projects, but right now we have a library run for the oldest and dinner to cook. Stuffed peppers, yummy!

Then a few friends are coming over to spend the night. Oh, I hope hubby can endure 2 more little girls in the house. HAHA!!

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