Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bring It On...2009 That Is!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful 2009 and take this time to thank each and everyone of you have read my blog, posted a comment, told others, encouraged me and even lurked in the shadows, you are awesome people & many of you have become friends!

I want to encourage you to tell others about me and encourage all of you this year to do your best to purchase locally where you can. Living in my small town, I can purchase fresh produce, meats, flowers, wines, seafood & log sculptures. I can visit the beach in the morning and the mountains in the afternoon.

Make the pledge to buy more homemade. Even if you buy one thing homemade and didn't buy anything homemade last year, you are helping someone who made the decision to bless others with their talents and you are keeping that money out of the hands of (shhhhhhhhhh) WalMart and other big businesses that don't care about you, us or the local economy.

We have an amazing store in our area called the Dennis Company. A little bit of everything I notice when I go in...hardware, kitchen items, Christmas items, clothing, shoes, a general go-to store when you need logger pants, Romeo's, sleds, etc. I love the people and the store and I don't mind spending money there!

Micheal's Meats our local butcher who not only sells fresh beef, pork & seafood, but they go out of their way to tell you how to prepare something, they will season anything you ask, they will clean your fish and they sell wonderful fresh homemade Tamales. Their service can't be beat!

Jays our local produce stand. Fruits, veggies, a banana for the kids, tasty samples of an unrecognized fruit or veggie, smiles and laughter and the prices, well all I know is that last year I should have bought the entire crate of Apricots.

There is Clark's and the 7th Avenue Sweet Shoppe in Arctic and Hoquiam for the best milkshakes I have ever tasted and the largest!

Ocean Shores has the Blue Heron Fabric shop and the nicest owners you will ever meet! It also has some local stores you just want to walk through and talk to the people about the area. Stop in at the local Mexican Restaurant for top food and service.

Westport Winery selling Cranberry wine and many other wines! Westport you can walk down the docks and pick your catch of the day fresh seafood up to take home and when you are there, stop in at the local pizza shop and if Taylor is still working there, tell her Mrs. K from Americorps told you to stop in. The best pizza!

Every year I say I am going to enter my wares into our local craft and art shows and I never do, but I usually can find one or two things someone else has made to bring home.

Bless others, give to charity, volunteer to read to children at school, volunteer to help at your local school co-op and teach ESL to someone who wants to learn our language, who knows the blessing you receive may be learning a second language. Find a new blog to follow, got to Etsy and look at all the wonderful shops and advertise one or two on your blog or highlight one if you feel comfortable doing so. Joining a swap? Make a package to send and one to put back for Christmas or as a gift to someone else. Read your Bible, Mentor a teen, a single mother, a teen mother or father.

Blessings come in many ways and being a blessing is one of the ways of receiving blessings.

Happy New Year to each and all of you and may 2009 be brighter than 2008!

God Bless & remember, if nothing is really working in your life, it is probably because your priorities and focus are in the wrong place!


simple country living! said...

Happy New Year to you, Jean & your family! Thank you for the encouraging words & reminders to us all! Aloha!

Cathy said...

Happy 2009! I agree, buying locally is very important. Not only are you supporting your local economy, but you find so many friendships and good relationships along the way. Cathy