Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life is soooooooooooo funny!

Just FYI, I just got off the telephone with Congressman Norm Dicks office and a very nice lady named LaTasha. You all remember the letter I wrote asking for a federal bail out, sending in my business plan for my family & requesting the feds forgive or pay off my student loans since my degrees can only get me a part-time job.

LaTasha kindly informed me what I already know or knew...
  1. I can contact Sallie Mae and ask for a forbearance. Been there, done that!
  2. The feds while so willing to 'bail out,' the banks, the auto manufacturers and other businesses in need, are not going to or willing to forgive any of us normal everyday working people of anything, not one cent are they willing to wipe off the books.
  3. If I can prove I am disabled permanently, then after 3 years of written documentation by medical professionals, Sallie Mae will forgive my loans.
So, to the nice lady in the congressman's office, I thank you for your time and calling me in response to my letter. To the congress and the senate, I only have one question:
  1. When are you going to stop bailing out large companies and help those that are really hurting?
Peace Out!

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