Saturday, January 10, 2009

God Is Moving, (Us That Is)

Oh, my husband hates to move, in the 27 years we have been married, we have moved a total of 19 times (correct me if I am wrong John as I am sure your address book has them all!) and we have done it on our own with friends help only.

When we moved to our current home, I promised hubby I just wouldn't move again, this was the house we would die in and I like my house and all we have done to it. The problem with it currently is we have a shared driveway, the yard is to small for the kids and we have no central heat. Looks wise, we need to replace the kitchen flooring and cabinets, but if we are planning on moving I am NOT doing that this time!

Sometimes I just get the bug to move and keep at it until we do, however I believe this move is one unfolding on Gods terms and if it is, then everything will fall into place and if not, then we will remain here.

Our journey to Washington state took over 4 years and many of those years were spent doing research on the area (I fell short a bit on my rain info) and convincing hubby this was in the Lords plans (he still doesn't buy into that one). It took nagging, crying, praying and then just shutting up and one day I come home from work and he had applied for a job in our area. The rest as they say is history. Only, it isn't!

When God says move, you listen! Our home sold for the exact amount God told me it would sell for when I asked how would I know this move was right, He said when the house sells for $165,000. It did & it was the last our realtor sold before the market tanked. Now, it is probably worth less than $100,000.

The money we received was spent wisely. I gave to my church, we paid off credit cards, a truck, and put A L O T of money into fixing the home we are in now up with new windows, doors, fireplaces, painting inside and out, new roof, waterproofing the deck and adding drains & then adding catch basins to the underside of the deck, etc.

Now, I feel God isn't done with us, He wants us to move one more time. The problem is there are huge hurdles to climb and God will have to open all the doors on this one in order for us to be able to move if that is within His plans.

1- Our credit tanked along with the housing market and loosing my job.
2- I would need a permanent job in the next town and am applying for one this week.
3-Our house would need to sell quickly and sell for at least $170,000 in order for us to break even and clear our debt. Homes in our area haven't been moving very rapidly over the last year or so & add a shared driveway to the mix...but still, if God can move my husbands heart, He can do anything.
4- The home we buy will have to be an owner financing or lease to own and we will need to use the money from this sale towards down payment on other home.

Prayers would be appreciated and have my eyes opened!

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