Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Never Underestimate the Power of a True Snow Witch

Never tell the good snow witch that her powers are fading or that the weather forecasts rain because this is what you will wake up to. Okay, so this is my front yard this morning which my hubby initially tried to tell me was heavy frost.

Oh, its heavy frost all right! It is called snow!

Last evening I was telling him we were going to get snow and he was telling me no we weren't and I asked him if he was doubting my powers or wanted me to put on my Let It Snow socks. He just chuckled and told me the power was out of those as well.

So, I began chanted snow, snow and more snow. You see, who won don't you? John, if you have snow this morning darling, you can blame Jerry for daring me to do this, it is all his fault you know. HAHA!!
This started in 1989 when I was leaving Arizona to come to Washington for vacation. I kept saying I wanted it to snow and my friends who lived up here kept telling me it wouldn't snow.

First of all, on hubbies way home in Phoenix, it began to snow & of course I missed it even though it lasted all of about 20 minutes.

I get off the plane and John greets me at the airport with something like:
'sorry to disappoint you, but no snow.'

Little did we know that day....just as he pays for parking and we are exiting the airport, you guessed it, it starts snowing and it snowed for days and everyone snarled at me as if I could actually will it to snow.

Since then, when we lived in Arizona and couldn't have snow, I would call John and tell him I was thinking how I wanted him to have snow for me. You guessed it, sometimes I got my wish and John would call and tell me to stop thinking of snow.

Last year Christmas day all I wanted for our first Christmas was snow and it didn't snow...until our last gift was opened. Appropriately, a coffee mug from my mom that said, 'let it snow!' I was thrilled and hubby was shocked!

This year, I wanted snow again for Christmas and this year we REALLY got it.

So, it is a game between us that when ever it snows for John and my hubby and now other people who know my love of the cold, white stuff to call me the Snow Witch.

As I told my hubby last night, I can't make it snow, but I am in personal and daily contact with who can, so I will ask Him nicely for snow. Think I got my wish?

Have a great day!

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Thinking of you!! said...

Got up this morning... no snow. Went to get the car out of the garage...SNOW!!
Thinking of you!!!