Monday, January 5, 2009

Portion Control

For the last few days, God has been working on my heart in the area of portion control. While I have been trying to figure out what He wants me to do about this (besides dieting), I began examining the word and scriptures on portion.

I am making two pots of beans today & while that may seem awry from the title of this post, it is actually a good example of portion.

First, lets examine Merriam-Webster's definition of portion to make sure we are clear in what a portion is.

First, it is derived from the Latin word portio, meaning part. So, we know now that portion is a part of something. Like the picture above, both plates of beans is a portion of one of the bags I will be using today. What I was trying to demonstrate is what a full plate looks like with a portion of the beans. Both plates are full of beans and from the same bag, so if you choose to eat the smaller portion, you are still eating a full-plate of beans.

portion according to M-W is "
an individual's part or share of something: as a: a share received by gift or inheritance b: dowry c: enough food especially of one kind to serve one person at one meal 2: an individual's lot, fate, or fortune : one's share of good and evil3: an often limited part of a whole" (Taken from the World Wide Web, January 5, 2008 @ 0841. www.

So, a portion is equal to our share of something, such as food, clothing, money, stock shares, bank interest, dessert, rain, sun, snow, fate, fortune, it could also be our share of talent, smarts, looks, etc.

I know that God is working with me in this area, because I heard from Him twice. Long story, but I am usually so talkative and busy I don't hear the first message, but the second one opens my ears, heart and mind!

I began to realize recently with eating that I not only ate my portion but several others as well. I can't afford to cook several meals at dinner time, but I can reduce my portion with a smaller plate, preparing with less salt or preparing ahead of time (hence 2 pots of beans).

In order for me to eat healthier and smaller portions, I realized that God wanted me to prepare my mind, heart and stomach by making things ahead of time.

I am affectionately known to family and friends as the 'Snow Witch,' because if I want snow, it will usually begin to fall. Saturday I was going to Olympia shopping and told my hubby I was wearing my let it snow socks. He said something about me being a bit late on that & I looked out the window and you guessed it, it was snowing.

Saturday evening our friend John came in from Keyport (about 2 hours drive), the roads were clean and clear. Yesterday, as he was packing his vehicle up, he came in and asked me if I wouldn't mind NOT thinking about snow for awhile while he traveled home. I laughed, but sure enough, it was snowing out. Not 10 minutes after he left, it began really coming down.

When I talked to him later, he said that he knows I love snow, but can I just have it snow enough for my portion and not anymore than that? Of course we all know I have nothing to do with the snow or not snow I just have the uncanny ability to think about it and it shows up, however just because I love it, doesn't mean I should wish it on everyone else in abundance, but just accept my portion and be happy.

Psalm 119:57 tells us the Lord is our portion. If we have God in our lives, He should be enough. But rarely is He. If God were enough for me, would I have at one time owned over 75 pairs of shoes? Would I have spent my money and His as well? What about the stuff we collect? Do we really need 500 pez dispensers? Do we need 200 cookie jars, 5000 hot wheels, etc.?

What we need to do is believe that we are Gods portion. God loves us unconditionally and He really does want the best for each and everyone of us, but just as we receive our portion, we should make sure we give our portion as well. Just because we think our portion of bad things is happening to only us and no one else we know, perhaps others just keep their portion quietly to themselves.

The next time you go to purchase that new pair of black pumps knowing you have 10 pair in your closet, ask yourself, is this really my portion? Do I really need another pair of black pumps or can I use the ones I have? Do I need another red blouse or whatever item it is you seem to be collecting or would it be best to pass by and leave a portion to someone else?

Life really is about portion control when you think about it and how much we take more than our portion most of the time!

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Sharon said...

This was a good post. It made me think about portions in a much different way.