Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers Requested

If you notice on my side bar there is a newborn baby that says Katie's baby. My youngest son Adam and his soon to be wife are living in some pretty bad conditions in Phoenix. They tell me their apartment is overrun with roaches no matter how many times it is sprayed & it is in the seedier side of town.

The baby is not due yet for another 6 weeks. However Katie has been admitted to the at risk unit at St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix. First she went into premature labor and they have her on an IV to keep that stopped & today they discovered a blood clot in her lung.

Our old pastor is with them and he will be helping them with food when they get back home.

Please pray for these 2 and the baby. They have no money and nothing at all for the baby with the exception of what a friend and the church has given them when they can.

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