Friday, January 2, 2009

Tagged Again

Melinda over at Melinda's Fabric Fancies has tagged me again. This time I must come up with 8 random things to tell you about myself. Hmmm, what you don't know about me.

1- 'Those who know me love me and those who don't, never will,' a quote my husband coined many years ago when we were working in a field together and my name began showing up on the bathroom walls & not for a good time! I was crushed, seems it was a co-worker who couldn't deal with my in-the-face honesty & it was stopped when a big burly guy named Johnny Buck from NY caught him at it. So, what you don't know about me is that I am honest as the day is long and I will always be bluntly honest. Don't ask me a question if you can't take the truth. If I have something to say to you, I will & if you have a booger on your nose or broccoli in your teeth, if I see it, I promise I won't let you walk around that way! All of my close friends know this about me and love me in spite of it. You always know where you stand with me & some people just can't deal with it.

2- I am terrified of any body of water I can't see my feet in (Lakes, ocean, rivers, etc.). I love the water, I love walking along the beach, I love being in a boat on a lake. As a child I lived in the water where we lived (Aptos & Santa Cruz beaches, Pinto Lake, etc.). However in Arizona we were tubing down the river when some drunk grabbed my feet and started to pull me under. From that moment forth, if I can't see my feet, I am not going in the water!

3-I love to shop. Not clothing and stuff (it used to be shoes...) but grocery shopping. I love everything about it...making my menu, clipping coupons (I will take coupons if you don't clip them as the papers here aren't very generous) & shopping. Yes, I am one of those who will go through the sales ads, find the best bargains and go to each and every store on my list. I love grocery shopping.

4-If I could afford it, I would own a huge house in the country and have all my children and grandchildren live with or near us. My hubby wouldn't like the idea, but I see an advantage to it. I can stay at home and play with the grandchildren and their parents can work! HAHAHA!!

5-It took me 8 years to graduate with my Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership at Estrella Mountain Community College in Arizona with a 3.76 GPA. It took me a year to complete my Masters in Human Resources & graduate with a 4.0 GPA. I just got tired of dragging it out & I have a dear friend (Peep) who has always told me I could probably set a new record and get my Ph.D in 6 months. My degrees and $5 won't get me a job, but I can probably use the money to buy a cupa at Starbucks!

6-I was born in 1956 (stop calculating, I am 52) and in 1957/58 it was discovered I had a heart problem known as Patent Ductis Arteriosis which is basically too much blood pumping to my heart which ultimately would have led to congestive heart failure and death by the age of 7 years old. Remember here people, medical science wasn't what it is today. Thanks to the Heart Association and Deborah Heart Institute in New Jersey, they took on my case and I am here today to say I made it! I am a miracle!

7-I have more parents than most people and they are amazing people. I have my mom and her husband. I have my dad and his wife (though I have not seen them in many years, we keep in touch) and I have my step-dad and his wife while neither are related to me or had anything to do with my birth they are just as much a part of my life as my birth parents and they come to visit!
It was confusing when I graduated from college and people came to my party introducing everyone. What was funnier is when my mom saw my dad for the first time in probably 40+ years at my nephews dad and his wife were talking to my step-dad and step-mom and mom and her hubby walk up. My mom introduces herself as the mother of the grooms mom and my dad says, I know, I am the father of the grooms mom. Oh, there are sometimes in life you just wished you had been there!

8-If I could live anywhere in the state of Washington (note, I didn't say the world, because I am happy in Washington) I would move to Spokane so hubby could have hot summers and recharge his seasonal affective disorder batteries and I could have all the snow I wanted.

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