Thursday, February 5, 2009

God Knows What Is Best

Last year while working for Americorps, I had to find a job between school ending and the end of my Americorps term. I found the Historical Seaport in Junction City, the home of the wonderful Lady Washington.

I worked in the office going thru old records and files and organizing them. I organized the merchandise room, I answered the telephones and I worked on the scholarship program. During this time I was asked to bring in my resume and I did, but I did not get the job. Heck, I wasn't even given an interview.

My last day, I was bummed out as I knew I would be unemployed. I also felt badly because I had been working there for several weeks and the director knew what I could do, he had seen my work.

Today, the Historical Seaport laid off 6 people. My heart breaks for those who lost their jobs, because I knew most of them and they are wonderful people. It looks like all the people even down to the bookkeeper will loose their jobs. The spar shop is closing and these were the guys who worked all day and kept busy.

So, now I know why I didn't get the position. Because God knew I would loose my job and doubly bummed. I keep telling myself God has something better planned for my family and a better job for me. I guess this just sealed the deal in my mind.


grammy said...

Had a similar experience while raising three kids by myself. I tried so hard to get one of the 'good' jobs. Got one I didn't want, less pay, fewer benefits. But I worked there for 18 years while the 'good' places closed. God knows what He is doing.

Rannyjean said...

Amen Grammy!