Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soups On, Come Join Us

No fancy dinners this evening, just a great big dutch oven full of homemade ham and lentil soup and bread hot out of the oven. Come on in, relax for a few minutes, grab a bowl and join us for dinner!

So, ladle yourself up a bowl full, cut yourself off a chunk of bread and slather it in butter and enjoy the conversation.

I have been battling a migraine headache all day today, so the table isn't going to be set fancy, but dinner will be warm and hearty!

It has been raining all day and it is cold. I haven't been able to keep the house warm with my head pounding, but I did get in a short nap which seemed to help until I sat up and then the pounding in my head started up again.

Hubby is working late tonight, so Sunday dinner conversation will be kind of childish, but it is filled with fun at the possibility of one of their cousins coming to visit them for a month this summer!

For the cousin...well, she is coming to have me tutor her with school work or she isn't going to be able to make it to high school next year. She was shocked when I told her that her cousins do an hour to 2 hours of school work each day through the summer. It helps so they don't forget what they learn throughout the summer and keeps it fresh in their minds.

It isn't like they do it for 2 hours at a shot, we work on it after breakfast, after lunch and in the evenings and our lessons are sometimes at the beach talking about what we see.

Enjoy dinner, the couch and my pain meds are calling me!

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