Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabric Crazy & February Handmade Purchases

What is it about quilters that if our fabric stash gets under 2 full closets full, we panic and think we are running short? Well, maybe we aren't that bad, but I have noticed lately that my large stash has dwindled by an entire bin full of fabric because I use my stash for quilts, pin cushions, childrens clothing, curtains, table runners, etc..

Yesterday I had the privilege of purchasing 100 fat quarters for $60, that is less than $1.70 each and with some fabric shops selling fat quarters at more than $2.00 each, sometimes I can't afford it. But this was an incredible opportunity and of being in the right place at the right time. The seller used to own a quilt shop and is in the process of remodeling her home so needed to sell some of her inventory. So, this first picture is of what 100 FQ's look like organized!

John and I sat at my kitchen table and the original plan was to try to keep the same color family together, however, I soon ran out of room in this container and realized I wouldn't be able to get the center tray or lid on. So we tossed the rest in and there are approximately t
hree layers of fabric all nicely rolled up.

I really wanted you to get a better look at this amazing stash I came across, so I took them out of the container and placed them on a pad on the floor and now you can see how much 100 FQ's really look like. There are fabrics for so many different projects, it makes my head spin. Crazy Quilts, strip quilts, coin quilts, baby quilts, table runners, oh my!

Now, you would think that I had enough fabric to last, oh no, NOT me, I had to stop by Walmart (I know, a bad name to many quilters) and was looking for some fabric for the new baby when I stumbled across some wonderful springy/Eastery (I am sure this is not a word) fabric and the bells and lights and whistles began going off in my head.

As much as I love snow
and rain, I think my body is telling me it is time to launch into spring fabrics and there were so many wonderful greens, yellows, purples that I had to pick and it was hard.

My diva girl had no problem picking out a fabric for a new dress, she wanted the on
e with the bunnies, but what shocked and floored me was that the Tom boy decided she really wanted a new dress and she wanted me to make her one with the cupcake fabric.
Since this is a rare treat for me, I gladly obliged and then thought of a spring quilt and how nice the colors would look and then I am getting ready to paint the sewing closet so I wanted a new sewing caddy and picked out the lady bug fabric.

Tell me honestly, could you have just chosen one fabric from this delicious bunch? The Easter eggs are fantastic, the Tulips, the small flower, all of these were just calling my name. Someone, please tell me to stay out of the fabric stores (like that will work) or at least tell me you understand this obsession with fabric.

I think it all comes from when I was a girl and going with my mom and grandmother to old Mexico where there were fabric warehouses and buying fabric after fabric for school clothes for 4 children, or the wonderful Christmas gifts my grandmother made for us such as coats, robes, night gowns, etc.

Just the feel of fabric, smell, look, just makes my mind say, buy, buy, buy! Like I need another project right now! HAHA!! I mean honestly, could you have passed up this adorable cupcake fabric even if you didn't have any immediate plans for it?

I would love to hear how fabric affects you, whether you quilt or not!


Sherry said...

I love all your fabrics and the Easter and cupcake ones are so cute! The girls have good taste! I love to just look at fabric. I can start feeling creative when I walk into the fabric store. It is a nice feeling!


Judy said...

You must be in fat quarter heaven! I understand what you mean about the stash...My fabric stash is much like my stuffed full closet of clothes where I can never find anything to wear. :)

PS...I am so glad I ran across your blog. I've really enjoyed visiting with you.