Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Sunday Dinner, But More Fabric

For those of you that have been faithful followers of my Sunday Dinner posts, I am sorry, I dropped the ball and should have taken pictures last night of Saturday dinner with a table full of people and since we had the honor of hosting our friend John and I made spaghetti with meatballs and a salad, it would have been the perfect pictures for today.

However, the conversation and dinner were so nice, that it never crossed my mind while we were all chatting and eating. I can tell you dinner was good, conversation was full of entertainment and laughter with 2 men poking jokes at me and had me laughing so much. I often asked them, why I put up with the both of them, but the truth is, they are so much fun to be with together even if I am the target of their wonderful humor! Besides, they are the ones who truly put up with me!

So, once again and for the last post of the day, I had to buy some more fabric. After church I wanted to get something for the new baby and decided I would rather make her something than buy it. So I picked out an infant dress pattern and these 2 fabrics.
I just think they are perfect for a baby dress and besides, I know they will get lots and lots of pink things, so this will break up some of that pink!

I sure can't wait for spring break to come around as I think I am going to need all that time to catch up with my sewing and quilting.

Have a great and blessed Sunday and week!

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Sherry said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday dinner so much!

The fabric is going to make some pretty little outfits!