Thursday, April 23, 2009

I made this quilt for a church member who lost their home and business recently due to the turn down in the economy and since I have lost a home in the past due to foreclosure and know the heart break of walking away from a home where you have put your entire heart, I thought this little quilt might help them as they settle into their new home.

Now, I didn't take the picture wrong, for some reason, the bottom house on the right came out a bit higher than the rest. Living where we do in Tsunami country I guess one can say this house was built on the hill!

Using fabric scraps and then some chicken wire fabric and tumbling block fabric in black and white this small quilt was eye crossing as I tried to keep everything straight.

I also wrote on it after these pictures were taken of John 14:2. 'In My Fathers house, there are many mansions.'

I used a walking foot for the first time today and how nice it was to not have the back of the fabric gather up into big crinkles. I did stitch in the ditch around all the borders and leaves and then did an outline stitch around the houses.

I really like the chimneys, I used scraps of flame fabric to give them the look of fire coming through the chimney, even my husband thought it was a pretty cleaver idea.

I am still trying to figure out how I want to finish the back so it can be hung, or just leave it as something they can use on the back of a chair. It is very small, about 13" x 17" and I know their new home is probably smaller than their entire living room was in their old home.

Okay quilt, now is the time to tell me what YOU want me to do with you!


Robyn said...

Hi Jean, I love your little house's adorable!
A lovely blog you have here.
I read your comment on Easter backgrounds and was looking for something similar myself.
I recently (after Easter) found this wonderful site and they do have Easter layouts, so I thought I'd share with you. Here 'tis..

Thanks again for your lovely comments and for passing by my 'place' :D
hugs to you,
Robyn xx

Rannyjean said...

Thanks for the info Robyn, I will check it out!

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful. Your friends will be so touched by your thoughtfulness.

Sharon said...

What an adorable quilt! Your friends are blessed to have you as their friend.

Melinda Cornish said...

the thought you put into this and the bible verse is beautiful..You are a sweetheart and my heart goes out to them.....