Thursday, April 23, 2009

The News Is In & It Is Stage 3 Carcinoma

First of all, before I go into my moms cancer results, I want to thank all of you that are sending her or have sent her cards! My little sister told me last night she has received so many from people she doesn't even know that at first she thought people had the wrong person, but someone said my name and she soon realized what was going on and looks forward to checking the mail every day! YOU ROCK!!

My little sister was with my mom and step-dad when they received the news:
Six out of the eighteeen lymph nodes were infected, her HER2 score was CEN17 ratio 1:1 Negative. If anyone knows how to explain these results to me I would be so appreciative.

Bottom line is she has stage 3 cancer and due to her Arthritis, she is NOT a candidate for Radiation therapy, but will have to go through Chemotherapy instead. My little sister did find out we are not genetically predisposed to this, however the doctor was very forthright with my mom and stated this was probably/more than likely a direct cause from her hormonal replacement therapy she was on for 11 years.

I am thankful for everyone who have sent me well wishes, who have shared their stories, their families stories of recovery with me, those who have volunteered this year to walk in the relay for life for my mom and to light a candle for her. It is all of you who took time out of your economic hardships, your daily lives to send a note and a card to a complete stranger that makes this a bit easier on my mom and all of us.

Please, please continue to click on the pink ribbon everyday and help more women get diagnosed so early detection can be a key to this entire treatment process.

I do have a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, my sister and I have encouraged my mom to go to a support group or two or three to find one that fits her. However, my step-dad who drives her states she doesn't need to go to those alcoholic anonymous type meetings. His comments show how closed minded he is and my mother will just follow what he wants her to do.

My husband summed it up best when he said: 'Of course he doesn't want her to go, why should he? He hasn't lost anything, this doesn't affect his health, while he is with your mom, he is NOT the one that is sick, so what does he really understand about it?'

I on the other hand have told my step-mom (her and my dad are very supportive of my mom during this time) and my step moms cousin lives in the same town with my mom and is going to visit her. However, if I have to declare war in this family I will and if I do, my mom will attend a few support meetings or have a way there. I may be the black sheep most of the time, but if I believe something needs to be done and am strong in my convictions (my little sister already agrees), it is just a matter of rallying the siblings around the wagons so to speak!

How dare he? First he refuses to allow her to have any nursing care after surgery and now he is trying to control this? Not on my watch! I am the next one to go down and help out when therapy starts and I am taking my own vehicle so I can ensure she gets to go to a few meetings.

Please pray for me, I myself am not 100% healthy & I need surgery this summer. I cannot put my surgery on the back burner for another year.

Please, continue to send those cards, they encourage and keep her spirits up:

Virginia Adolphson
14028 Pineland Avenue
Madalia, CA 95954

Thank you all so very much!

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Melinda Cornish said...

I will send her a card on Monday and my prayers are yours!!!!