Saturday, April 11, 2009


Whether you want to admit it or not, as a teenager pictures like this shown from your parents piles and piles of pictures would send you turning red with embarrassment and running for cover and if they were shown to friends, oh my, it was worse than touching a boy with the dreaded Cooties! YUCK!!
Last night as I was moving one child from my bed where she had fallen asleep watching television, I went in to tell the other 2 it was time for bed and they had fallen asleep watching television & this picture of them both oblivious to a camera was to cute for me to pass up.
I love to capture the sweet moments, the funny, the acrobatic moments in their lives because I know I will blink one day and they will not be this close, they will not want to be nice to each other, they will only think of themselves and being a teenager I can pull this picture out and let them know that one day they really cared for each other and one day again they will as well and they will get older and miss these innocent moments of when life didn't matter!
I hope that day never comes but I know as teens they will change a bit here and there, what I hope doesn't change is how much they really love, care and support each other now!

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