Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabric, Scraps and Selvages For Sale

Many of you who read and follow my blog are into many different areas of sewing and crafting. From ATC's to quilts, I have met so many wonderfully talented men and women and hope to meet more, but the truth of the matter is, right now, I have more fabric than I need and in keeping true to my cleaning before surgery, I am going to list some fabric, scraps here on my blog for sale.

This large piece to the left is a pale yellow with small blue flowers and it is some type of polyester blend and very light weight, but I have used it for many projects over and over again and there is still about a half yard left and frankly, I am tired of looking at it.

If you like using flannel scraps, I have plenty of those as well, from the over 6" scrap to smaller scraps and larger pieces, in yellows, blues and pinks, these have been used over and over again as well.

I could list these on Ebay, but thought perhaps my readers and followers, twitters and facebookers would like a chance at them first, not to mention all the fee's I would be saving by NOT listing them on Ebay.

Lastly, I have an entire shoe pocket filled with old selvades and end pieces from fabric that I will probably never use and those are going as well.

Am I crazy? Have I lost my mind? Am I quitting quilting?
None of the above my friends. With my impending surgery coming up, I feel that God is doing some minor tweeking on my heart and home right now and as I will be entering a long healing phase, I know it will grate on me that all this fabric is just sitting around.

I am also turning the lights off over at my two dispatch/911 quilting blogs for emergency dispatchers as there has never been much feedback on these and while I felt they were a great idea to get dispatchers to help each other, the idea never took off. So, while I will still continue to make quilts for dispatchers, I no longer feel the need to have 3 blogs and to keep beating a dead horse as the saying goes.

You will also begin to see changes in my blog background, banners, etc. over the next few months as I want this blog to reflect more about family, friends and my faith in God, especially during my healing. It will still highlight those wonderful people I meet who make excellent handmade products like Dawn, Sherry, Melinda, etc.

I hope during the next few months while I go into the hospital for surgery, have several interviews and pictures posted about men who blog, have my hubby post here during my hospital stay and subsequent recovery and Washingtons wonderful summer, that you will continue to remain, post comments and smiles.

In the meantime, if you are interested in fabric, scraps, etc. contact me and I can send pictures and dimensions and prices for the stuff I have.


Anonymous said...

I am desperately looking for fabric scraps to make some rag rugs. Do you still have anything available? Please let me know if you do and I will gladly take them off of your hands.


Thanks, Kim

Katie said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm in need of scrap fabric for quilting if you still got some email me ripleycobb@yahoo.com ty

lydia said...

Hello, my name is Lydia and I am new to quilting and would love to have any scrap fabric and selvages that you have. I can be reached at lydia2658@yahoo.com. I am willing to send pictures of all the items I make for you to use on your blog. Please advise me as to the status of the fabric you wish to get rid of and the price.

Thank you.
Friendswood, Texas

starnescat said...

I see that your comments are from a few years ago but I hope you are still selling some things ! I would love, love to have your selvages ! Please let me know what you want for them. Please contact me at cgstarnes@hughes.net
Cathie Starnes