Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Variety, The Stuff Life Is Made Of...'V'

Does God like variety? I certainly believe He does. He also has a sense of humor and this morning we are going to just touch base on variety.

We are told in the Bible, we are created in His image. There is nothing to say He created us to look exactly like Him. Since we Don't know what God looks like, I am not getting into a creation argument, I am using His image to make my point.

We come in male and female, black, white, brown, scarred and without scars. We come in black, shades of brown, shades of red and blonde hair and now green, orange and rainbow. While God didn't give us these colors at birth, He allowed for our creativity to take place.

Some of us are bald, some have long hair, short hair, in between hair. People with and without freckles.

There are millions of kinds of bugs, birds, flowers and probably many that we don't even know about yet. Just as our oceans are vast and revealing new sea creatures, our lands are vast and we still haven't explored them all.

Is it any wonder, so many of us like to change? We love variety. While my husband loves to stay in one place, I love to move around (though I believe we won't be moving much anymore).
While some of my neighbors have lots of brightly colored flowers, one chose to plant a tree with flaming red leaves and no flowers.

Life is wonderful, it isn't just vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. We are as various as the patches on a quilt and today, I suggest you go out and follow Gods pattern and do something different than you normally do with your day. Need suggestions?

1- Eat dessert first.
2-Try that new restaurant you have always thought about trying.
3-Call your local animal shelter and volunteer to walk dogs or groom cats.
4- Call your local school and ask to volunteer to listen to children read.
5-Use your best china dishes.
6-Send your spouse to work with a love note.
7-Forget your household chores and spend time playing in the dirt.

Whatever you do today, remember life is about variety! Grab hold, hang on, grit your teeth and try something new!

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