Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking For Giveaway Sponsors

I am getting ready to have a renaming giveaway contest for my blog. I have 2 wonderful sponsors that you can visit on my sidebar: Jesus Is My Spotter and KC Soap Company of Bend, Oregon. I still need several more people to be willing to sponsor this giveaway.

I will be having the contest and the top 3 names will be chosen and sent a gift for participating and being chosen. The finalist will receive a variety of gifts from the people who want to sponsor this giveaway.

Perhaps you have an Etsy site you want to get noticed, now is the time to get free advertising by donating one of the prizes. Perhaps you have many quilt or craft patterns and want to give one or two away, fabric, fabric pens, needles, it doesn't have to be huge to be a sponsor.

Perhaps you are a larger company that just wants to contribute something to get your name out in blog land, let me know.

I am hoping to post the contest before I go into the hospital on Monday!

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