Monday, June 22, 2009

This is Jerry, Jeans husband. It is now Monday, June 22 09 @7:50 pm. Jean finally went into surgery at 11 am and got out of surgery at 4:05pm. She was in recovery until 6pm when they finally brought her up to her room. I spoke to the doctor following surgery and she said everything went very well. They did some standard xray's during surgery to verify the rods/pins were insert at the approximate location where they wanted them but will follow that up with an MRI in a few days to verify exact position.

Jean is currently resting in her room at St Peter's Providence hospital. She is complaining of back pain but that is expected. She is laying on her back but wants so badly to lay on her side or stomach but that is not going to happen for a few days. She just wanted everyone to know that she is doing as well as can be expected.....................she will be back online as soon as she can. I will try to update this but only when there is something worthwhile to update


Mike Dropik said...

Hey, Jerry... It's Mikey... I'm glad to hear everything went well. Tell her to relax & take as much time as she needs to get back up on her feet.

Cathy said...

Sending healing thoughts! Thanks for sharing Jim.

Anonymous said...

Please give Jean my very best. I had my back surgery about five years ago. They put two titanium rods up my back from the base of my neck to just above my tailbone. 22 screws in all to hold the rods in place. I was in surgery for nearly 16 hours and in the hospital for 18 days afterwards. I do know what back pain is and send all my love, prayers and empathy to her. Please give her hugs and tell her "above all else -- do EXACTLY what her doctor says to do."