Monday, June 15, 2009

What A Beautiful Day For Nothing

You can barely see it through all of the trees, but this is where I am going to be spending the next week or so starting next Monday. The positive side besides having wonderful doctors and believing I am going to get better, imagine when I can move bout being able to see beautiful trees as opposed to dirt and rock!

I had my blood drawn, EKG and X-Rays all finished in about 2 hours and had taken along some needlework so that passed the time quickly! I found everyone at the hospital to be kind and wonderfully caring!
From there, I swung by Target and JoAnns to kill some time. I picked up a package of 10 sheet printer fabric at 1/2 off that I needed to finish my moms quilt. I am just sad that my family after I requested pictures from them, has chose to not send any, so I will have to use some old pictures with the exception of my nephew.
After living in the desert for so many years, can you tell I have an odd fixation for taking pictures of trees? Actually, this tree was my slice of heaven, as when I left Target, I still had 2 1/2 hours before my next doctor appointment in Olympia, so I went to the medical center and found a nice tree to park under and worked on my needlework some more!

This last tree here on the right was next to the parking space and would send me gentle breezes while I was in the car. For Olympia, it was a warm one today. Overcast when I arrived and sunny and gorgeous when I left. Nice to have Gods air conditioning when I needed it!

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