Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check This Out! Grandparents Are Amazing

I just had to take a picture of this amazing cloth checkerboard and jumbo checkers made by Multiflex Designs, LLC. a company that makes all sorts of rugs.
My dad and step-mom stopped in for a visit yesterday afternoon from Bremerton where they were visiting friends.
Of course, being great-grandparents, they never show up empty handed when it comes to the kids and they always bring some of the coolest things.
They brought this really neat rug checkerboard set and living in Washington where the skies are gray many days out of the year, I was so happy for them to have something like this. They got some really small checkerboards this year but soon, the boards were warped and the checkers were lost.
My step-mom had a great time playing checkers with the oldest and then playing Mariocart on the Wii with all of them, while dad and I and hubby sat upstairs and talked.
With this, came a marble rug (the oldest loves marbles) and a jump rope that has jump rope rhymes with it. They got these things I believe they said at Cabello's sports store in Olympia.
The kids just loved these games.
The oldest was using them as pretend menu orders for pizza's, etc.
Dad asked us what the difference was between raising our own children and the grandchildren. Jerry and I both agreed it was the fact that we must be more parental than grandparental. Where dad can come in and spoil them rotten when they visit, we don't have the priviledge, we must be the discipinarian, teachers, etc.
The grandkids really hated to see grandma and grandpa leave & I was sad too that they couldn't have stayed longer, but then again, it isn't much fun visiting with someone who can't move off the couch on her own.
There will be other visits, but I was just thinking, how amazing grandparents are in all situations, whether we are raising our grandchildren or only visiting them once in awhile, they are still very special to all of us!

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Corn said...

Hi, first I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. I have met so many people that have been touched by cancer, its tough not to these days. I think its great that your 6 year old is paying it forward.
As for being a grandparent, my mother in law too always shows up bearing gifts and spoiling my kids. I guess its the best part.
The checker cloth is way cool I will go "check" out the site.