Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandparents and Underpants...I Never Knew

Calling all grandparents raising grandchildren or grandparents buying granchildren school clothes, ask your grandchildren to go with you or what type of underpants they prefer. This is not a joke, it is serious!
I have been purchasing the grandchildrens school clothes since they all began school, but only a few short hours ago, did I learn a lesson about under wear.
They come in all types:
1- Briefs (boys & girls)
2- Boxers (boys & girls)
3- Hipsters
5-High Cut
6- Low Cut
8-Boy Cut
9-Long Leg
10- Tanga
While I will agree that numbers 7 &10 are probably for women, I couldn't believe how many different choices there seemed to be at Walmart just for under pants.
So, do yourself a favor, take the children with you and let them pick out what they want!


Sherry said...

It is amazing how many types of panties they have. I bought Mallory some a couple of months ago and couldn't believe all the choices just for little girls. I picked the "Wedgie Proof" ones for her (but I bought a size to small).


Rannyjean said...

I saw those, do they make them for adults? HAHA!!