Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hubby's Handiwork

I live in an old Craftsman style home that was built in 1926 & while it has its problems (no insulation, small-ugly-cramped kitchen, etc., I actually love my little house aside from the shared driveway & it is exactly what I wanted when we moved to Washington...a home with a redwood deck (check), front porch for visiting (check), exposed hard wood flooring (check), a finished & dry basement (check).
But what makes my home stand out, is the colors. It is painted a purple by Behr called Gypsy Magic, the white trim is Vanilla Custard and I can't remember the name of the blue.
But, what makes my home special is the colors look fabulous and it is the only one in our neighborhood painted purple. What is even more special is everyone loves it and complements us on the way we have transformed the way the house looks.
The shelf you see here was purchased from Michaels in Olympia and cost around $7. Hubby and the neighbor worked most of yesterday to cut out the 2 holes, fill in the cracks and spray paint it. Last evening while walking around WalMart, hubby chose these 2 blue pots which I think makes a fantastic contrast to the purple and blue. They even painted 3 smaller shelves for the girls room for their dolls!
In addition to completing the shelf and flower pot project (we will get flowers later this week), he worked hard on enclosing our carport so this winter it will be drier and hopefully more organized and efficient.
He painted the plywood you see on the wall and then hung it up.
Under that you can see the cabinet that he picked up on the sidewalk with a 'free,' sign on it. It was an ugly tan, with some pieces missing, but with his great mind, he put them together and removed a large section of top shelves bottom and now he has a place to put all of his tools that are strewn about.
This is a much better picture of the cabinet and how it looks. I think he did an awesome job. What do you think John? Doesn't look like the same two pieces of junk he hauled home last week does it?
It is important for this area to remain as dry as we can keep it, because we try to keep fire wood stacked up next to the fireplaces, but also in this area, so we always have some very dry wood when we need it. It is no fun getting wood with freezing, side blinding rain.
While he constantly reminded me when I was out of bed and needed to go back, he managed to get these 2 impressive projects done and I think he needed it this week-end. However, I am not sure he is going to be happy with the sunburn he got!


John said...

I think that it looks fantastic, but then, I know how Jerry works so I expected no less.

Rannyjean said...

Yup! Now you know why the helpful neighbor caused so much fuss! Not wanting his help to begin with, Jerry was frustrated & yipped at me, but this time I knew why! HaHa!