Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Want To Go Back...In Time To An Era With Class

I have been thinking alot this summer how things seem to be all goofed up and how I would really like to have some time to take care of my home, my family, myself, be there when my friends need me with 2 spoons and a cheescake, I want to take a quilting class, make it to bible study and still have room to look great! Uh, that would mean, minus the freaky back brace!

Awhile back I began talking about the A-Z of being a woman filled with the spirit of love and compassion and some of them seemed odd to many of you, but that led me to remember going places with my grandmothers when I was younger and always having my hair combed, my dress clean, laced socks and a little purse and as I got older, never without my sunglasses.

My grandmothers wore mink stoles (don't beat me up about this, it was way before animal activists & before it was politically incorrect), they wore pins on all their coats and blouses, they wore earrings every time they went out, fancy hats and they wouldn't be caught outside their bedroom without lipstick .

Why is it so many women think we can get by with wearing jeans with our butt cracks and guts hanging out? I don't want to see someones butt, nor am I impressed with a muffin top...I don't even like my own to look at, but it shows a total lack of respect for ourselves and for others that see it and trust me, I have yet to hear some guy say anything positive about it.

Wear jeans that fit, wear clothes that look nice. You don't have to spend a fortune to look good, I don't! The outfit I wored today, I got on sale: The skirt $4/The top $9/ The bracelet $2/ The hat $6. So, for a total of $21, I looked nice. My shoes I already have and they were purchased after my surgery so I would have a decent pair of shoes I could just slip on.

Pantyhose? I have on pantyhose? Yes, I am from the old school that if you are going out and wearing a skirt or dress, wear hose. Not only do your shoes fit a bit better, but you really look much nicer than bare legs. That is up to you, but I also like wearing colored tights. Knee high socks are great to keep your legs warm when you are my age, but not to wear so everyone can see.

With all this is mind, is time for me to show you, how I returned to work today and you can see for yourself, I am not over the top with what I am wearing:

Of course, I would not look so lumpy without my brace, but as you can see, I am following my doctors orders and keeping it on.