Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Latest Dr. Visit

The trip to Olympia and back was pretty uneventful. I made sure I stopped several times going and coming home, but by the time I was at the office, I was a hurting pup, to much sitting and moving around.

The doctor loved meeting the kids, she had such a great time with them and drilled them about how much bending or lifting I do...they all were truthful, none because we will tell our Papa.

She loves the incision site, it is incredible. The 'spasms,' I have been having, aren't...it is a type of cramp, she assures me in time it will dissapate, but for now, she wrote me an RX for light massage of my back and legs 2x a week. Oh John...Only kinda joking, you give the best massages!

Billy Bob (my back brace) will remain for at least another 4 weeks at which time we will take another Xray to check how the fusion is doing and still, only 4 hours a day working.

She is concerned with the arm and leg paralysis, hip, knee & leg pains and believes those to be all due to my Fibromyalgia for which I will see the doctor next week. She was impressed that I am one jump ahead of her recommendations and tells me she has never seen someone up and walking around as quickly as I was.

From there, we went over to the hospital to meet one of the wonderful nurses who took care of me during my 2nd stay. I mean, she kept my bed clean, my water pitcher full of ice cold water, made sure I had fresh wash cloths and towels and my meds were given on time. She took care of me for 3 of the 5 day stay.

I took her a baby changing pad and wipes as a thank you and it was done in various colors since she doesn't know if she is having a boy or girl.

The kids all got new school shoes while we were in Olympia and fortunately for my budget, I skipped a planned stop to JoAnns....I just needed batting for my moms quilt, but it can wait until I can finish it.

So, I am slowly getting better, just not as quickly as I want to!

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