Monday, September 21, 2009

Pulling My Hair Out...Resume Help Needed!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of reading all these tricks to get your resume looked at because most of them are common sense or old news. But it still doesn't stop me from becoming frustrated with the entire job hunting process and wondering who is in charge of hiring, the computer?

I was shocked, crushed and saddened the other day that the CEO of Grays Harbor Community Hospital, John Mitchell is leaving in December to move back to Colorado. When the kids and I first arrived, it was John and his wife Paula who the kids came to know as they walked their dogs by our home frequently. It was Paula who dropped off bubble gum for the kids and sent the kids stuffed animals when they went on vacation.

It was John who always honked and waves (still does), when he sees us outside as he is on his way home up the hill from our place and it was John who came home and forgot to pick up Christmas cookies last year and actually stopped by to say thank you and he was sorry.

John and Paula are just the most gracious people I have met. Paula always walked her dogs past our home and she was never in to big of a hurry to stop so the kids could play with the dogs, she was just wonderful and her daughter was the same way. Never once, did Paula tell us her husband was the CEO of the hospital or did John tell us. I figured it out one day talking to their daughter. To John and Paula, it wasn't a topic that needed talking about.

I read with amazement and disappointment not only of his resignation, but concern for his family as he is leaving due to a family emergency. But what amazed me was the fact that he was hired to run the hospital without any prior CEO experience, that the Board of Directors was so impressed by John (I know why, he exudes caring about others), they decided to take a chance.
They were not disappointed and the people of Grays Harbor were the ones who benefitted from the many positive changes.

What I was disappointed about was the fact that here he was inexperienced and they took a chance and yet, I have applied to the hospital several times for jobs in the business office in which I have medical experience and have been turned down each time. I was even told I didn't have the experience and yet...their human resources department doesn't give prospective employee's the same consideration their B.O.D. gave to their CEO.

On that note, I am seriously looking for someone who can rewrite my resume, who can figure out how to make one that fits all the places it needs to be: keyword scannable, keyword ASCII & presentation (one that is hard copied for faxes, mailings, etc.). I am willing to barter for this service, but I just do not have the over $300 most resume services require and I have given up writing and rewriting my resume as that isn't working either.

Today, hubbies waterpump went out which also means, he has no power steering, etc. To make matters worse, we do not have the money to repair it. I am not complaining about working...but hubby is working 6 days a week so we can get ahead and then this happens. I am just so exasperated right now!


Sarah C said...

you can send me your resume if you would like. My last two jobs were as a recruiter. I cant promise anything but I wouldnt mind looking over it for you.

Barbara said...

Ranny Jean, you may send me your resume, also, I ran the medical assisting program at our local community college here in Belliingham for almost 20 years, have helped hundreds of medical personnel get jobs. I would be very happy to give you my thoughts.

Rannyjean said...

Thank you so much, please send me an Email address to contact you. Oh, Bellingham, the home of so many of my family members. I should have moved up there! HAHA!