Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Spanking From God

So tonight hubby comes home from work and I was making home made potato soup for dinner and at the time, it just made sense to me since he has been very sick with a cold since Sunday and the kids all had the sniffles, that hot soup and french bread would be good for all of us. He takes one look at it and states, 'I hate potato soup!' At first, I ignored it and kept cooking and he went down to his office.

During dinner where he ate fried eggs, he told me the soup had no substance (he wanted meat) and I told him I made it because Sunday he ate soup, Monday he ate soup, Tuesday he couldn't taste dinner at all, so I was thinking of his cold.

Then he got up and said it had to be something fried, which led me to say fried foods is one of the reasons I am overweight, he said no, it was because I eat chocolate. The fight was on...I don't have chocolate all day or everyday and I can do without chocolate and fried foods.

It just wasn't a pleasant conversation after that and at one time, me being hurt and saying what comes to my mouth, I shouted some expletives at him that I will not repeat here and I am not proud of.

It got so bad, I told him I would return to work full-time against my doctors wishes if that is what he really wanted.

So, I am getting ready for bed, checking Email and this comes up:

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer… " Psalm 19:14

While it wasn't in neon, it may as well have been and blinking and saying I am trying to get your attention here, what you did was WRONG! Yep, I know it! Just glad right now hubby is in bed asleep, I will wait to have humble pie for breakfast!

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