Thursday, September 24, 2009

When God Speaks

What happens when God speaks to us? Do we listen or do we ignore the voice we hear? Sometimes it is just that small tugging of intuition we feel in the it of our stomachs and other times it is more apparent.

Perhaps He is telling you it is time to leave your current job, the one you loved when you started and poured your heart and soul into, but something you can't quite put your finger on has made you unhappy lately. Do you listen, or continue living with the job you hate so much? I can't answer that question for you.

Perhaps God is telling you to write a long letter to someone about a subject and you have no reason for it, but feel a nagging to do so. Last year, I sat down to write such a letter to my mom and her husband. I asked them to consider moving up to Washington and buying a huge house with all of us so we could take care of each other. I just felt led to let them know it would be easier should something happen to one of them. Their reply was they love their privacy and would move into a senior center if they needed to.

My mom was diagnosed this year with breast cancer. She has gone through surgery, her first chemo put her in the hospital for almost a week, she didn't know where she was or who she was. Her husband just sounded so weak and so lost. Mom has bounced back a bit. She has lost her hair, but has breezed through chemo and radiation. We talked awhile back about my letter, she said she wish they would have taken us up on the offer. If we only knew then what would happen now!

I have also written letters that have exploded in my face and those I do not believe were God led, but satan led. I have received Emails about myself addressed to others and so carefully BCC'd to me, that they broke my heart, but they didn't break my spirit.

I fought for over 5 years to move to where we live now. I know I heard Gods voice and when everything fell into place, I knew I was right. I talked it over with my pastor and while he wouldn't say yes or no, he did say in time I would know if it was God or my own mind. Well, life isn't exactly what I had planned here, but I still believe it is from God and I am waiting for the blessings to rain down. No pun intended!

We struggle daily right now with making ends meet. Which creditor do we pay first? How do we keep the wolves from the door? How do you stretch one meal into two? Can you really pray gas in the car to go to work when there is none and you have no money? How do you explain to someone you need their help with winter heat when on paper your family is doing better than most?

You just believe that God has something better. You learn that some of the clothing you have in your closet, you have to just admit you will never wear again and probably never be a size 12 again and you sell it on Ebay.

You toss out or sell the things you have been dusting forever and really hate dusting, but kept because you didn't want someone to stop by and not see their gift, then you suddently realize they have never stopped by in 3 years why would they now?

You learn that stretching a budget can actually be fun!

You learn that WalMart is NOT the answer and if you watch the sales, you can get quality shoes, clothing and other things at Macys, Sears, Ross, Kohl's and other places for less on sale and so you shop when you can and smile when you put on that clothes that say you look great, you have style and it didn't come from WalMart.

If you have never worked and want to go work, go out and give it your best shot! If you have always worked and want to stay home and can afford it, do so. If you want to start your own business, start it.

You know, for awhile, I had a small cleaning business, then my back gave out, but it was great to go to work when I wanted, leave if I needed to and still make money. But when I cleaned a home,I could walk out knowing it shined and that I gave it my best!

Doesn't God deserve our best?

What is God telling you? Do you shine for Him? I can't say I do all the time, but you know, I am getting better at it. It kills me to have my hubby working 6 days a week so we can make ends meet and in the end, they don't.

But I am glad I have a friend who I can talk to who listens and that is God and I know He hears me. I am also blessed to have a second man in my life, a friend who has stuck with me for 29 years through thick and thin and he knows who he is.

What makes our friendship so unique and wonderful, is he doesn't let me get by with stuff. He sees me, he knows how I am and he tells me when I am wrong. He doesn't yell at me, he doesn't shame me, he just states fact and I may try to stand my ground, but he opens my eyes and makes me see where I am wrong.

If I am right, he gives me positive feedback and I know if I do something stupid, he will still be my friend. We all need at least one great friend like that. Someone who doesn't tell you what you want to hear just to stroke your ego.

Do you have a friend like that? Someone that you know without a doubt, God placed in your life to love you no matter what. To be there when you or your family need them to be in your life? I hope so!

I believe God places angels, in our life, I truly believe all these years during my families struggles, during my struggles, my husbands, ours, God has had an angel watching over all of us, letting me know when to stand tall and when to bend.

Sometimes when God speaks, it is in the form of a friend. It is my fervent prayer today that you have someone like that in your life and if not, ask God to bring one to you after all, He is always there and always listening, can you say the same thing?


karen hopkins said...

I am so thankful I have read this post you have shared. Today, the Lord had led me from my busy work out in our large garden area, to come inside for some reason. Because of the old life I had lived for over 40 years, sometimes its scary in a good sort of way, to feel such an urgency when the Lord needs to get my attention. Like today. As I went inside, unable to ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I received a phone call that was from a very dear friend who needed me.. She had a very painful experience this morning, in which she needed a friend to offer wise counsel, and a shoulder to cry on.. And because that was me, whom she called, I turned it around, when seeing I wasn't going to be able to handle the news any better than she was. I called on my "best friend" Jesus Christ, to lift me up, so I then could lift her up.. It all worked out for the best that the situation could be, but it was apparent that I was directed into the house, at that moment to become the shoulder that my friend needed - just as He became the One that I needed. Thank you again, sister, for sharing this blog post .. Goodnight.

Rannyjean said...

Yes Karen, the Holy Spirit does lead us and we can choose to follow or not. I am so glad you followed today! Sometimes when I am tired and so weary at night, I want to go to bed, but check my blog on last time, I find wonderful posts from new friends!
So glad you came to visit!