Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Boy and His Quilt

All of my grandchildren have quilts or pillows that I have made for them and while we all know that kids grow rapidly, sadly the quilts that they have come to know and love do not. When the old quilts have been outgrown, I like to wash them and wrap them in plastic vacuum bags and place them in plastic bins and hopefully someday they will still be around for my great grandchildren.

Thus it is with our little man. The quilt he has had since he was around two years old finally became to short for him, so after much contemplation on what to do, I decided to make him a quilt with some of the things he loves so much and we had on had...Spiderman and robots/aliens.

Someone had given us an old wall hanging with Spiderman, so I ripped all the old stitching out of it, tossed the bad fabric out, salvaged the interior batting and tore up two Spiderman curtains and put them together for the front of the quilt.

The back of the quilt (it is reversible) I used some old robot alienish (not a word I am sure) fabric I had on hand for quite awhile and those of you who have been followers of mine for awhile will recognize as the same fabric I used for his apron last year.
Since I had plenty of fabric left over from this, I used the robot fabric to make him a matching pillow case for his bed. Since it is quickly approaching winter and we only have firewood for heat, once in awhile our bedrooms can get chilled, so I not only used the generous amount of batting that was inside this quilt, I added a double layer of Warm and Natural batting so I know he will be warm!
Since having my son and daughter-in-law here visiting and the rain coming down all the time, I have had some help in my regular chores around the house and allowing me some extra time to catch up on some of the projects I am behind on & yes, that includes Christmas projects.

I simply must get at least 2 more completed before they leave at the end of this month. It has been such a blessing having them here to help out and I know hubby loves having Adam here to help him with firewood and keeping the fires going during the day when I can't because I can't bend.
It is nice just to be able to sit down once again at my machine for a little bit at a time and plug along on a project to try to get it completed!

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