Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Back

I really would love to say since back surgery, my quality of life has improved, but it seems lately it is just going down hill.

If you have had back surgery (and I know a few of you have), please let me know if you had problems post operatively with pain in your rib areas. Since surgery, the areas around my ribs are just killing me. It isn't constant, but it is enough to cause me lots of pain. It will be on one side for a few days, go away and go to the next side.

I worked Monday and it started while I was sitting down at school and progressively got worse driving home. I had to take medication when I got home just to do my evening chores. Then yesterday I drove to work again (the school was closed & I will discuss that later)and driving in both directions I was crying.

Then, there are still the spasms I am having in my incision area and these aren't painful but very irritating as I never know when they are going to show up , how long they are going to last and what effect they will have on me. Mostly, they hurt and I can feel the cramp or a lump as it moves up and down my spine.

I am taking a medication that alleviates some of this, but not much. I am not sure what to do. My surgeon blames my Fibromyalgia and my Rheumtologist blames my surgery and I am stuck in the middle and feel I am going crazy.

I need to work and the doctor said I could work full-time, but right now I am very concerned because I am applying for full-time jobs and I am not sure if I got hired if I could perform my job duties.

Please, anyone with surgery, tell me if you experienced any of these things!


SewCalGal said...

Oh no. I go in for back surgery this morning!

Have you tried water physical therapy? While it didn't resolve all my back problems, it really did help reduce the back spasms and minimize the pain.

But do go complain to your doctor and if they can't resolve it, go to another dr. My first dr. gave me so many excuses, including "it must be in your head". I'm now on #5, but this one is doing something to help and I feel like he will resolve my pain issues!


Corn said...

I hope you get some answers and better soon.

karen hopkins said...

Oh sweet sister.. I will be going into prayer for you, after I send this off .. I had heart surgery ( actually several ) and to know the pain of post op situations. Let me encourage you with this poem, if I may . Just know you are loved, and will be prayed for many times today, as the Spirit leads me to do so.
You are the Mighty healer , Lord
who comes to touch deep within our soul
You take each broken part we have
Lord , Your Power makes us whole

You come to bring us peace inside
as illness or worry brings us down
but we know You are Mighty to save
Lord, in You, Your comfort , we have found

Oh come , O come, Mighty God of All
and make a way for those who are ill
may Your presence be all that's felt around
Lord, my prayer for them, " Peace be still"

Yes, Come Lord Jesus, come to us
and minister life to those who breathe
in times of weariness, stress and pain
Lord, let your rest be all that they recieve

touch hearts that need Your resting , Lord
and bring strength when lives are weak
we know you are Jehovah Rophe
Yes, it's your Healing, Lord , that we seek..

Father for all who are struggling with disease, or illness right now, I pray healing over those that I love tonight. Right now, at 10:06 a.m, I lift up the Name of Jesus, to praise and bring Honor to the Lord God of All creation, who has the mighty power to heal and restore every living thing. Lord, to those I know of right now, who need a healing, of body and mind, I ask that you come to minister that peace to thier lives. For those who are in pain, place your hand on that very spot Lord jesus, and banish that from thier body as you know what it is, and where it is. God, you are the Great Physican, let us learn to recieve your touch of healing, and rest in the day until it is come to us. In Your Name we praise You, for what you will be doing. Amen

Sharon said...

I truly feel for you! I did not have these things you are describing. For a long time I felt as if a rod was stuck in my back (which there is) but it was more of a soreness and pressure than a pain. The Dr had me doing light- weight exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back and that must have helped because that feeling went away. If I remain in one position for too long I will sometimes experience pain but not to the point of tears. Maybe you could get a new Dr's opinion? I will be praying for you. ((hugs))

karen hopkins said...

I just had a thought, Jean.. Here in Oregon we have Vocational Rehab for injuries, or medical situations that keep us from being able to do the work we have done. I dont know about Washington, but with how bad your back sounds, do you think you would qualify for retraining in some field that wouldnt be hard physically on your back? Just thinking...