Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Winners and Then Some

Calling all November winners, I need your mailing addresses ASAP so I can get your winning gifts off to you!
The first place winner and winner of the generous Moda Fabric package donated by Linda over at Abbi Mays Fabric is: Karen Hopkins!

Second place winner and winner of the Ondori Quilting book is: Fiesta!

Third place winning an envelope of miscellaneous fabric is: Always Sewing!

Fourth place and the winner of the quilting book, Quilting Up A Storm is: Tammy!

Fifth place winner and winning the ladies Devotional, A Woman's Garden is Bluebird Lyn!

Sixth place winner winning the embroidery floss keeper is: Sandy Quilts!

Seventh place winner and winning the small purple gift bags is: Jenn B!

I have attempted twice to give away an envelope of fabric and the first winner was late in notifying me and the second winner Fibro Fog, never contacted me, so once again and this will be my last attempt...a new winner of a mailing envelope of fabric and the eighth place winner is:

The last hidden gift is quilt labels from Linda once again over at Abbie Mays. It is a roll of nine fabric quilt holiday labels in a cute little fabric bag and the winner and last prize winner of 2009 is Niki!

***********************ATTENTION ALL WINNERS!!!****************************
Winners have 3 days from today (by Tuesday at 6:00 US PST) to notify me that you want the prize that was chosen and to send me an address where these gifts can be mailed. There will be no exceptions as I announce the winners here and send out Emails where and if I can. I have attempted several times this year to give prizes away and get no replies. Bottom line is I need your mailing address by 6:00 or at 6:01, the prize goes to the next person chosen!

I know this sounds harsh, but honestly, I put alot of thought and effort into the prizes I chose and I assume by your leaving comments and following the rules to the giveaways that your are interested in winning. I have spent lots of time this year trying to get winners to respond and this being the last giveaway, I am not going to do this.


Niki :-) said...

:) thank you!!!!!!!

Fiesta said...

Thank you!

karen hopkins said...

Here is my addie..
karen hopkins
2716 N. Ash
La Grande, Oregon

Thanks again, my dear friend , your heart is awesome extension of His!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jean, thank you so much for the generous giveaway...I am thrilled to win...I have sent an email with my details...Warm Regards Lyn

Judy said...

congratulations to all who won!