Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poor Spotted Baby...

If you look really close at poor baby girl in these two photos you will see that she woke up this morning with a fine pink rash all over her little body and it doesn't seem to bother her as much as it does her parents and myself.

I am going to take an educated parent guess and say since she has been on Amoxycillin for an ear infection for 8 days and her mom and myself are highly allergic to Penicillin and remembering what my doctor told me when I developed my allergy (it will occur on or after the 7th day) that she is allergic to Penicillin.

On the other hand, since she has been on the medication since last Friday and she ran a fever of just over 100 Thursday and Friday evenings and her eyes have been full of yucky stuff (I am being told her eyes have been this way since birth and the doctors at Saint Josephs Medical Facility in Phoenix, keep saying it is normal...more about them later!) and her nose is running again....her ear infection is still there.

Well, the kids just called from the hospital and the doctors believe 100% it is an allergic reaction to Amoxycillin. Poor baby, not even a year old and she already has an allergy.

The doctors are writing her a prescription for some eye drops to clear up her infection in her eye, told them to continue with Tylenol and Benadryl and her ears are all cleared up.

I am so thankful that while we may live in a small town, the hospital we have Grays Harbor is simply amazing and everyone really cares about the patients that they are taking care of. She was dropped off less than an hour ago and they are almost ready to come home!

I guess her Papa was correct last night when he came in from work and said she just looked like she wasn't herself. Her little eye was draining more than normal and she just wouldn't smile at any of us.

Funny, this morning she was laughing and smiling at everyone and just chattering up a storm as if she wasn't bothered by the rash at all. Maybe it popping out made her feel better.

Still, it didn't stop her last night from trying as she does every night to try to steal her Papas hat.


Sherry said...

What a cutie!! Papa looks like he's enjoying her!


Rannyjean said...

She is his 'sugar bear,' he will miss her deeply when she is gone!

SkippyMom said...

She is a cutie.

I found out [raising five kids] that it is the length of time the kids are on Amoxicylin that causes them to get the rash. It is an allergy, but nothing life threatening or serious and probably something she will grow out of - and it is definitely not a precursor to developing other, more severe allergies.

My kids hardly ever were on any of the 'cillin drugs - but we have no problem with them taking them now that they are in their teens and twenties.