Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sitting Up

The baby has one of those little vibrating and musical bouncers and she has learned how to pull herself up in it. Here, she is not only sitting up but she is teething on the railing. Of course, Ranny had to get some pictures of her new antics.

This little girl is very blessed to have a mommy and a daddy who love her very much and take such good care of her. It is hard to believe they have almost been here 2 weeks and will be leaving in 2 more! Having a baby in the house has brought some joy to the kids lives during the rainy gray days of fall!
Now, if this isn't the poster child for happy babies, I do not know what is. She is just having a blast here, kicking her feet and talking to anyone who would stop and listen to her and it looks like she was waving to me when I took this picture.

Today, she was laying on the blanket on the floor and decided to sit herself up all by herself and of course by the time I got the camera ready, she did a weeble wobble and fell down. We tried to sit her up again, but she was so excited with the camera, all she wanted to do was stand and of course, I took more pictures!

It is so special to have a little one in our home that has two very awesome parents and while they are visiting, I will get all the pictures I can so I can start her a scrapbook of their visit to Washington.
Yesterday, her parents got to see why those of us who live in this wonderful state tell people, 'if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change.' We had sun, rain, wind and hail and from all reports 25 foot waves out at the beach, but even this lover of the ocean stays away from the beach with those waves!
Isn't she just a little precious doll baby? She is the center of attention in this house to everyone!

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Judy said...

Talk about a cutie! She's sweet enough to nibble. oxo