Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans of All Wars and Their Families

Preparing for the flag ceremony for Veterans Day today. The girls did a great job and remained for the entire ceremony honoring all United States Veterans of all wars and this year, sadly, it was for the unveiling of PFC Aaron Fairbairn's name on the wall of veterans killed at war.

I was very pleased that there were no protestors at todays ceremonies, so the girls wouldn't have to see that, there is time as they age to see these things, but today, they were part of a flag ceremony and VFW ceremony to honor all veterans.

Here they are listening to what is being said and I was so happy to see that all the girls were respectful and quiet as the ceremony was performed.
From our family (a long line of veterans) to yours and those you love, thank you for your service and sacrifice so we can have the freedoms so many people do not enjoy!

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