Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angel Tree Ministries

The crispness of winter is in the air, our extended forecast calls for some snow showers in the next week, the stores are full of shoppers, bright Christmas baubles and kids are talking about Santa.

It is a harsh world today, so many of us are struggling just to keep our homes, trying to find jobs, doing all we can to make ends meet and here I come asking you to donate to a wonderful and worthy cause, Angel Tree Ministries.

My son Justin is in prison and will be there for a very long time. I am just stating a hard cold fact, but no matter what, he does love his children and while he can't do much for them from where he is.

But he does what he can, he sends them letters, cards, calls them when he can, draws pictures for them, has made them each crosses and each year he anxiously places their names and gift request on a Christmas list.

Last year when we were contacted, I broke down in tears and could barely talk to the representative that wanted to know what to get them as gifts. I was so moved by the fact these babies (though they aren't baby babies anymore) were getting gifts that their dad had chosen for them that I couldn't speak.

Don't do this for me, do it for the children who are the ones who suffer so much! My grandchildren had a lot of gifts under the tree last year, but the ones they were so anxious to open and the ones they were so excited about and still talk about to this day, were the gifts they received from their dad through Angel Tree Ministries.

Let me assure you, the people in our area were very generous. The children did not receive junk stuff. My granddaughter got a huge container of art supplies that included: paints, colored pens, colored markers, pencils, paper, templates, books, etc. and she has used something out of that box everyday!

Our grandson received some nice cars, pajamas and clothes with the CARS theme because he loves that movie and though getting shorter everyday, he refuses to give up the pajamas because they came from his dad.

The middle one received beautiful clothes and some earrings and a pair of boots. A perfect gift for a diva girl!

For $10.50, you can help a child receive a gift from a parent in prison. For many children, the only gifts they receive are the ones from Angel Tree and without this organization so many children would go without Christmas.

Before you think to yourself that you won't help prisoners children, prisoners are bad, they deserve their lot in life, let me remind you that Jesus said to 'suffer not the little children.' Jesus has a place in His heart for all children and Angel Tree Ministries is trying to remind these lost children that they are loved!

Click on the button above and donate, please!


karen hopkins said...

Sister, whether our kids are angels, or not, they are God's creations, and are worth ALL of our Love, no matter what they have done. I know now that Justin is a man of integrity ( even with being in prison), because he sees his childrens needs most likely before his own.. His heart sounds like a man who loves his kids, and wants them to be taken care of. You have been thrust into that care taking responsibility, and what a perfect place for Justin's kids.. I will pray for you, and for your boy , sister - that Jesus would continue to grace fully fill your lives with His peace.. for Justins safety, in prison, and for his learning how choices are not something we can take lightly, in any situation..
Just know I am here for ya, gal.. and as I sit at my sewing machine, trying to come up with holiday gifts today, I will think of you, and pray over you, as I sew.. God is a good provider of blessings, whether in ways that come as a blessing ( as your contest was to me a few weeks ago ) , or as a blessing when someone shares the details of their lives, and someone whose read it, loves them enough to pray anyway.. Thats me, sister.. praying for you.. as I go in and try to weed thru some scraps in order to make another apron and potholder set for my daughters holiday gift..
Love you..

Melinda Cornish said...

what a great know I have been here too.....thank gosh for peoples kindness.....