Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Day Is Now Two Days Long

No, these aren't our cookies, ours are just now going into the oven. It has been a long day and after running a few errands and eating lunch, we finally got our donuts all ready for TOMORROW morning...I didn't have any eggs earlier!

Our Jamison cookies are in the oven and I hope to be able to get my pumpkin bread loaves made. That will leave fudge and some chocolate cookies to finish tomorrow. My back just will not allow me to cook and bake as I used to, even with the kids help, my back needs lots of breaks from sitting or standing for anymore than 10 minutes.

I picked up a baby gift for the youngest granddaughter and then as my mind goes lately, I mailed the box off to her parents without her new outfit. I hate feeling like this all the time. I can't remember where I leave things, I can't remember sometimes why I went to town and it is driving me crazy.

I am just not a forgetful person, so this is really bothering me a lot!

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